Back-To-School Again…

Again it’s time. Back to school really shouldn’t be this big deal but I get sad a week before school starts. I have everything ready ~ stainless steel tiffins, stainless steel water bottles, school supplies (as green as I can get them), and the same old backpack because I can’t find a cooler version that isn’t make with PVC. So what’s my problem? I’m ready, the kids are ready, only…I’m really not ready. How do you get ready for mornings that are filled stress, last minute running around, and more stress? I often tell people that I will never have a heart attack because if a morning of getting 4 kids fed, dressed, and organized to be out the door by 8:30 in the morning doesn’t do it – nothing will.

This Fall, my goal is to remember to breathe.  I had a magical moment with one of my sons early this summer when we visited a local ski mountain and rode the chair lift to the highest peak of the mountain. As we were riding up and feeling like we had wings, I looked over at Angelo who is starting Kindergarten this year and told him “when you miss me next year, just close your eyes and remember our chair lift ride”. Well thanks to an awesome summer, I have lots of truly magical memories that I can close my eyes and remember.   

I encourage all moms to try and remember to breathe this September with back to school.  I will be doing the same and thinking about my summer filled with beaches and swings. A day did not pass this summer without one of my children digging for crabs at the beach or asking for under-ducks on swings.  In fact, one of my kids pointed out that they love the swing so much because they get undivided, 1-1 time with the person pushing them.  So if your child asks you to push them on a swing, consider it a huge compliment. . . could be they want you to hear everything they say without any interruptions or distractions. 



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  1. Josee September 9, 2009 at 7:34 am #

    It so true. Very nicely said.

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