Baby Beenos – Summer Deals & Back-To-School Magic

A personal delight with having twin girls has been finding outfits that keep them feeling and looking uniquely special. In my search I discovered Baby Beenos and wanted to share their newly emerging Fall fashion and wonderful fabric combinations used in their dress designs. The regular prices at this shop are affordable – cheaper than shopping at high-end children’s shops in a Mall (which would be imported from overseas). I’m so proud to support this North American, mama powered shop that is churning out adorable, wearable, quality, and locally made designs. Check out these adorable Fall fashions from Baby Beenos:

If the hint of apple on the above romper wasn’t enough to make us swoon – check out the fashion forward dark jeans for little girls with crochet florets.  These jeans will provide comfort and get great wear for back-to-school ‘must-haves’!

The aspect of the Baby Beenos clothing line that prompted me to comb through their site was the way Marni (founder of Baby Beenos) puts different fabrics together. The sash ties that perfectly compliment the blouse or dress is wonderful. I needed to experience some of this design magic with my girls so I ordered them two dresses in their favorite colors (one loves pink and the other blue) and these were the fabric combinations that arrived – aren’t they fab?

Nothing better than being able to support a mama operated and powered Canadian business. If you need something special for your little girl – skip the rat race at the Mall and enjoy the online shopping experience of purchasing beautiful clothing. Make sure you check out the great deals on summer dresses – beautiful clearance designs available for $21 – wow!

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