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The tag line for the all-natural company All Things Jill is ‘Pamper Your Body.  Protect The Earth.’ It’s the perfect description for this Canadian jewel that has been growing and perfecting recipes for 4 years. I was already a huge fan since trying their hand/body soap (I won’t buy anything else) since traditional liquid soaps cause my hands to dry and have eczema outbreaks. The Organic Hand & Body Wash is so awesome and clinched my decision to never buy non-organic liquid hand soap again.  It seemed like a very small, inexpensive luxury after learning the hand-soap I had previously purchased for years contained ingredients the EWG recommends to avoid

So when All Things Jill arranged a little surprise to arrive, I was thrilled, but doubtful anything could get better than my hand/body soap.  Well it’s like Jill, the owner, magically knew that I’ve just finished a year of wearing nothing but hand-me-down crocks and my feet are trashed.  I like to call them ‘hard working feet’ but my children and husband have some not-so-kind things to say about my ‘rough’ feet.  Well, my feet are becoming softer by the day and thanks to the ‘Sole Delight Foot Butter’ they smell amazing.  Jill sent me a new product called the Sole Delight Foot Therapy Kit and it includes a foot scrub, pumice stone, and foot butter.   Check out the packaging and look of this kit ~ picture courtesy of All Things Jill site:

This new product is simply heavenly and for a person that doesn’t like scent in personal care products, I’ve been thrilled to find a new favorite aroma.  I can’t put my finger on what ingredient is producing the amazing smell…it could be the sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, apricot kernal oil, peppermint leaves..should I go on?  The blend is amazing and to think I’m using a pumice stone that is hand picked from a mountain in British Columbia, near the volcano’s vent is totally cool! The pumice stone seen in the picture above works great and I love the look of the stone in my bathroom between use.  Like the salt rub, the stone is just so naturally beautiful.

So keep your eyes on this booming little company called All Things Jill that is sold in over 80 stores!  All retail stores selling All Things Jill are Canadian, but the online stores ship anywhere within North America.  I encourage US consumers to treat themselves to the All Things Jill experience ~ they are one of the best kept Canadian secrets that I’m happy to share.

** Update ** All Things Jill would like to offer Mommy Footprint readers a discount while shopping online at their store.  At checkout, type the word footprint next to the field marked Discount Coupon to save 10% off entire order.


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