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Before and After: First Ski Lesson Mount Seymour

I’ve been looking forward to having my twins, my youngest children, ski for years. Re-discovering the mountains and skiing with my older kids was amazing 5 years ago and so when the opportunity to get my twins up Mount Seymour for a first ever ski lesson, I was stoked!  My girls are nine years old and pretty athletic but I didn’t want to tackle teaching them myself. All kids learn differently for other people, so getting Chad as our instructor was great. He was friendly, fun, patient and perfect to teach my girls.  I thought recording their progress through videos would be the easiest way to showcase what kids can learn in a first lesson. Here are three videos that show 1) 10 minutes into the lesson learning the snowplow (stopping or making a pizza with skis) 2) magic carpet on the bunny hill of Seymour that makes getting back up the mountain fun and easy 3) 30 minutes into the lesson my girls are skiing.


Mount Seymour private lesson. 10 minutes into the lesson. Learning the snow plow or making a pizza with your skis.



Getting onto the Mount Seymour magic carpet at the bottom of the bunny hill. This eliminates the fear of a chair lift for beginners.


30 minutes later into a private lesson with instructor Chad up Seymour Mountain. His patience with my girls was amazing! This is my favourite video because near the end of the video my girls encounter a bump in the snow and the huge smile on their face after they go over it was adorable.


Thank you to Seymour Mountain and our instructor Chad!  Your patience and knowledge was awesome and the snow conditions up Mount Seymour mountain are perfect for beginner or advanced skiers.



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