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Top Organic Sunscreen 2009

Last year I had a near impossible quest of sourcing where to buy organic sunscreen for my children when the hot summer weather rolled in.  California Baby was rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group for health hazard score (chemicals within the product) and sun hazard score (UVB and UVA) in 2008.  My quest to purchase California Baby in Canada turned up being very difficult, but after trying Badger Sunscreen and TruKid I was happy with my selections.  Because both of these sunscreen were so effective and safe for my kid’s skin, I was pleased, but one of my children complained bitterly about the very strong scent from the Badger sunscreen brand ~ so I’m always on the look-out for new products.  Since writing my article last July about sunscreen selection and safety, I’ve learned about a Canadian e-store that does carry California Baby Sunscreen called O’Baby Organics.  Since California Baby Sunblock Stick No Fragrance SPF 30+, California Baby Sunblock Stick Everyday/Year Round SPF 30+, and Badger Sunscreen SPF 30+ were rated number 6, 7, and 8 out of a possible 1,104 sunscreens in the EWG skin deep database for 2009, they are definitely worth mentioning again.  Both of these brands have proven to be strong leaders in the cosmetics industry for not using harmful chemicals within their sunscreens, while providing very effective blocking for both UVA and UVB rays.

For 2009 the top organic sunscreen is Soleo Organics.  I’m so excited thanks to the EWG watch dog group, there is another tested and safe sunscreen option for families this summer.  Here is a picture of the Soleo sunscreen packaging, picture courtesy of Saffron Rouge website:

Saffron Rouge Organic Beauty is widely available to Canadian and US customers and they currently carry Soleo Organics Sunscreen SPF 30.  We love more options this year for non-toxic, safe sunscreens, so with the weather heating up this beautiful spring, start sourcing these brands right away.  I remember checking widely available American websites for California Baby products last year (Target, Amazon, etc.) and this brand was available by wait-list only.  Cross off one more product from your list, shop early, and ensure you are protected from the sun this year.  With parents having a heightened awareness that traditional sunscreens contain harmful chemicals, organic sunscreen companies are predicting stores selling out of popular brands early this summer.

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Earthy Mother’s Day Ideas

All moms love to putter in the garden because it’s so relaxing and we know kids love it!  This Mother’s Day, don’t break the bank to show mom you care.  Instead, treat the entire family to some earthy gifts selected with imagination, sprinkled with Etsy magic, and you’re ready to wow that sweet mama in your life.  Here are some links and pictures meant to inspire when you’re out shopping this weekend.

I can’t think of a cuter idea than planting a few bright, happy flowers and decorating with metal garden signs that tell mom how much you care.  They even have personalized garden signs – too cute for a birthday idea for that special gardener in your life.  Here is a picture of my top pick from Metal Garden Art:

 A really great price point and something each child could bring to mom with her french toast and coffee Mother’s Day morning are these adorable chalk board flower pots.  Have each child write a special message to mama.  Check out more adorable ideas from the Moxie Sisters Etsy shop.


And if the planting of signs, seeds, or flowers fails ~ try encouraging other mamas to come nest in your yard by giving mom a birdhouse.  The kids can personalize it and the entire family can enjoy watching small birds find comfort and a place to nest. I love these swallow houses from Duck A Bush Woodworks:

A gift from the hearts of children will always be appreciated by Mom.  This year plant flowers or grow and nurture a backyard project that Mom can enjoy all spring and summer.  It will have a big impact with children and they’ll be so proud of their hard work when presenting their special gift to Mom this Mother’s Day.



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