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The Latest (And Cutest) Endangered Animal Ever!

Some may say ‘freaky’ looking; I personally think it’s the most adorable sea animal ever!  And sadly enough, I discovered it because their status on earth is ‘seriously threatened with extinction’ due to water pollution and destruction to its environment.  Want a visual to help teach children about water preservation and helping our environment?  Get ready…this creature is seriously cute.

Picture from Treehugger site

There are several pictures on the Treehugger article about these animals and they look like they’re smiling in every shot!  Their official name is the Axolotl salamander, otherwise known as the Mexican walking fish or Mexican water monster.  The Axolotl has been listed endangered on the annual list from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, but researchers now say it could disappear within 5 years.  Millions once existed in lakes where Mexico City was built, but between draining lakes to create city growth and with pumping waste-water into waterways, things have changed for this animal.

According to the Yahoo News/Associated Press:

“If the axolotl disappears, it would not only be a great loss to biodiversity but to Mexican culture, and would reflect the degeneration of a once-great lake system,” says Luis Zambrano, a biologist at the Autonomous University of Mexico, or UNAM.  The number of axolotls (pronounced ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl) in the wild is not known. But the population has dropped from roughly 1,500 per square mile in 1998 to a mere 25 per square mile this year, according to a survey by Zambrano’s scientists using casting nets.

When I showed the pictures of the Axolotl to my children they shrieked and thought it looked like an alien, but at least it got their attention.  I think it’s adorable and thought it might remind us what cute little creatures are affected by our decisions with habitat destruction and water pollution.  Show this to your children and see what they think.



Christmas Shopping Event – The Vancouver Children’s Trunk Show

It’s not often I feature Vancouver based events but I wanted to highlight an upcoming local event –Vancouver Children’s Trunk Show that is happening this Friday, November 14th. A very successful event in Toronto – it’s come to Vancouver for the first time and is a great ticket to get some Christmas shopping completed! It’s a venue where businesses and estores have their products for sale and it’s happening at the best time of year.  Where else can you experience fabulous local entrepreneurs from around the city presenting their creative wares for children, family and home.  

I try to get out and support the mom based businesses and usually my efforts are rewarded by meeting amazing people and getting the sneak peek at amazing non-commercialized products for my kids. My day spent at the Mommies On Main event last summer was such a wonderful experience…I love the Etsy feel that surrounds these events.

Here are the details of this event.  Post your comments this weekend and let me know your thoughts on the experience!

When? Friday November 14th, 2008 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Where?  VanDusen Garden (in the Floral Hall) 5251 Oak Street, Vancouver
What?  A celebration of entrepreneurial women, stylish shopping events by moms and for moms, featuring locally-made fashions, furniture and products geared exclusively toward kids and families.

Expect a flurry of Mommy Footprint’s after this event…the wonderfully beautiful Natural Pod will be there with their line of natural, creative wares.  This is the perfect example of getting to see the products up close from magical estores such as Natural Pod and Green Planet Parties.  The fabulous eco-friendly GPP is featuring Santa Sacks and Christmas baking aprons, along with their sustainable party supplies.  Too fun!  Hope to see you there!



Cranky Pants – Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

It’s not very often an item of clothing makes me gasp in excitement, unless it’s on sale for a great price. Well, a few weeks ago I first saw Cranky Pants.  What a special, unique, adorable, addition to a toddler’s wardrobe.  Check out this picture before I go further so you grasp how cute these are.

Images from Cranky Pant’s site:

Do you not want a pair for yourself? And if you think the classic monster style is cute…check out their sock monkey and jolly roger designs.  They are the cutest thing ever and I’m so glad I didn’t discover this before my twins turned two, otherwise my name would be on the wait-list.  Yes, these little gems are not easy to get your hands on.  The company has forged a partnership with a Fair Trade Federation certified knitting cooperative in Peru, so the growing pains of ensuring their products are ethically produced, has slowed production of these obviously sought out items.  The ‘longies’ are full length, hand knit using 100% wool from the Peruvian Highlands.  Cool to note this company has been around since 2004 and have done an incredible job of growing their company responsibly.  And their customer base agrees!  Cranky Pants will produce ‘custom’ orders but because of the huge demand, they play a lottery system to take these special orders.  You can view some of these custom creations on their blog and OMG….what creative customers and knitters.  Check out this custom creation…

My owl obsession is expanding to toadstools and hedgehogs.  <smile> These ‘longies’ aren’t cheap with a price tag of $80, but some special items are worth the cost…imagine the Fall/Winter pictures of your little person wearing their ‘cranky pants’.  I just love the name and guaranteed it made you smile!



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