2 in 1 Summer Shoe – Salt Water Sandals

With the rain on the West Coast – we’ve had a delayed response in purchasing summer footwear for the kids. My reluctance to purchase another pair of plastic summer shoes last year resulted in my oldest son actually wearing his running shoes all summer – that’s a dedication to reducing plastic! But it’s tough to beat plastic shoes for kids because they can be worn in the ocean, beach combing, water park, etc. So when venting my frustration about this to Maria, Owner of dandelion KIDS, she introduced me to Salt Water Sandals. This was a new recommendation and with how cute the sandals are it was amazing to discover they are water shoes!  After raving about BOGS footwear for the same reason, 2-1 boot for snow and rain, I thought these could be my summer shoe solution for my girls. And after almost a month of testing – they are! First, check out how cute they are!!

Knowing that my girls would love the stylish design, I purchased a pair and received a pair for the review. My girls are tough on shoes because they are rough and tough little things.  These sandals have been incredible.  Not only can my 6 year olds manage the buckles themselves, they wear these as their ‘dress-up’ shoes with dresses for events we attend, they are worn bike riding, and as the summer warms up they can wear them into the ocean for beach walks. We tried a beach walk before having these shoes and my girls had cuts all over the bottom of their feet from sharp rocks, barnacles, etc., so thank you Maria! It’s important to note that Salt Water Sandals are also machine washable . . they have the ability to bounce back into shape.  Ours haven’t reached that point of scuffing yet, but it’s only a matter of time so I love this!

We know I love a good story and two great tidbits on these sandals is the company behind the shoe has been in business for over 60 years and were created as an alternative to traditional children’s leather sandals as a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II. The sandals were made primarily from scrap leather left over from making men’s shoes. Maria shared with me that both herself and Stephanie, co-owner of dandelion KIDS owned these sandals as children. I guess even back then they had an eye for sourcing great products!

Available online at dandelion KIDS. They fit on the bigger side so if you’re in-between sizes, go down in size.

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