Yesterday’s News – A Solution To ‘Greening’ Your Pet’s Litter Box

Now your cat, rabbit, ferret, or hamster can GO GREEN!  Purina has found a way for your pet to reduce their Eco footprint.  The product is called ‘Yesterday’s News’ and these litter box pellets are made from recycled newspaper and are non-toxic, biodegradable, and no raw materials were harvested to produce it.

In April we brought our pet rabbit home from the store with Yesterday’s News for it’s litter box.  It works much better than wood chips for odor absorption and is way easier to clean-up.  It hasn’t been easy to find, but it is a great product.  Our rabbit was also better with his litter box training when Yesterday’s News was in the litter box.  And to answer the question on your mind….no, we haven’t managed to litter box train the bunny yet – but I’m trying!

 Here is more information from the Purina site: “Low-tracking Yesterday’s News® provides a sensible alternative to clay litter that helps you maintain a hygienic, healthy home. It is highly recommended by veterinarians because it is a safe, clean, low tracking, and environmentally friendly solution.”

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