Wildlife Pencils Produced From Recycled Newspapers

I love learning about companies that take a concept or product used in everyday life and create something magical and more eco-friendly for home life, school, or the office.  The company O’BON has produced ‘the greatest pencil on earth’ and made it very child friendly with fresh designs that help educate kids about the environment and helping animals.  These products have newly arrived to Canada and Green Planet Parties is proud to be carrying 3 of their products in the Crafty Fun section of their site.  

O’BON is truly special because they’ve produced a pencil made from recycled newspapers surrounding the graphite stick.   2-3 times stronger than traditional wood pencils, parents can teach their kids that no trees were cut to produce these pencils.  Now add the fact the pencils are perfect for children because they are instantly drawn to the Wildlife series designs.  Check out these beautiful pictures courtesy of the Green Planet Parties site that showcase the fun animal print designs and great packaging:

I’ve been on the hunt for a year now to source color pencil crayons for my kids.  Well looky looky.  Not only do the 12 pencil crayons included in this pack work with incredible quality, they showcase an animal at the top and then carry the design and colors of the animal on the outside of the crayon and actual pencil color. 

Both of these products have been such a hit in my house ~ ages 3-7 I’m proud to share.  Nothing but good stuff here, from the message of helping our animals to teaching our children that unlike wood pencils, no trees were cut to produce them.  Also interesting, the O’BON pencils don’t have the metal piece that joins the eraser to most traditional pencils  This further eliminates waste because when is the last time you thought to remove this piece to recycle?

The price-point of the pencils and pencil crayons is also worth a shout-out because it’s so amazing!  The 2 pack pencil sets are under $2 (perfect to complete birthday party goodie bags) and the pencil crayon colored set of 12 is $8.95.  Both items are available to order online at Green Planet Parties, plus a 3rd item carried in the Wildlife series called the Animal Fact Book & Wildlife Pencils.  Perfect for your upcoming spring party or special treat for some craft table magic.


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