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I’m so excited to talk about the newly launched Ty & Lumi Organics site ~ formerly called Snug As A Bug ~ this company is rockin incredible organic bedding designs for babies and young children. ┬áTheir new ecommerce site is amazing (love the logo), with product designs, baby bedding sets, and a business concept that I love, involving manufacturing organic bedding right here in North America.

Ty & Lumi bedding is extremely fun, safe, and adorable to look at, but this company is doing something very unique that is lowering cost and bringing their customers savings when sourcing organic bedding. Founder Jill discovered over a year ago that she could source organic cotton fabric within Canada and silkscreen Ty & Lumi designs locally and this would all cost less than importing organic cotton fabrics from overseas. It is not very often choosing the local route to manufacture products is less expensive and I was buzzing when owner Jill and Wendy explained this concept during their interview. Their silkscreen process uses water based inks to ensure additional reduction in skin irritation for babies.

Ty & Lumi have your nursery bedding requirements completely covered with one-stop shopping for fitted crib sheets, duvet covers, blankets, sleep sacks, change table/bassinet covers, and burp cloths. Ty & Lumi have created 5 incredible designs – it’s tough to pick a favorite!

~ Sleeping Green ~

~ Moo Moo ~

~ Snug As A Ladybug Pink ~

Another very smart and customer friendly option for their customers are Ty & Lumi bedding sets. Funny if you compare prices of the bedding sets at Babies R Us or other big box stores with the Ty & Lumi sets…the different in price is not far apart. Even better – the Ty & Lumi sets are organic and contain items you actually need for your crib and baby. I’m very practical and would rather give or receive items like a wool organic duvet, organic cotton duvet cover, organic cotton blanket, organic fitted crib sheet, sleep sack ~ rather than a crib skirt and bumper pad items that really don’t get full-use. Check out my favorite set on their site and don’t let the name Blanket Set deceive you. It contains a Sleepy Sheep wool duvet, duvet cover, cotton fitted crib sheet, and blanket. They’ve really covered all your bases with this package and it’s affordable for organic bedding at $369.00 – we are talking about a high quality organic wool duvet and all organic, locally made bedding – it’s a great price. Teaming up with Sleepy Sheep, who provide the beautiful wool duvets (who we’ve written about and are big fans) creates very convenient one-stop shopping for expecting parents. For those fans of sleep sacks, there are also special sets that contain a sleep sack instead of the blanket.

Ty & Lumi has really produced lovely options for parents who don’t want to compromise style for sourcing safe bedding for babies with delicately forming nervous systems. I know I’ve battling the question of quality over cheaper price point items before and bedding is no exception. But how cute the designs are mixed with the fact Ty & Lumi are manufacturing this bedding line local to where the fabrics are actually printed and shipped from (in Canada Whoot!) is just a superb business model and one that should be supported. Also it’s important to check organic certification and Ty & Lumi is Oeko-Tex certified. I’ve often seen this level of certification and asked Jill to explain what it means in an easy-to-understand paragraph. Here is her response:

The Oeko-Tex Certification is an International testing and certification system for textiles (Oeko-Tex Standard 100) and companies (Oeko-Tex Standard 1000). Textile samples are tested for the presence of harmful chemicals that have been known to persist on fabric (formaldehyde, pesticides, heavy metals, loose dye/colour, phthalates, chlorinated organic carriers, dyestuffs, allergy-inducing dyestuffs and preservatives such as pentachlorophenol and tetrachlorophenol). Oeko-Tex Certification is not an organic certification. However, it does test for some pesticides such as ones that are known to be harmful but are not yet banned. Many of the harmful chemicals it tests for are ones that are used in the fabric preparation process. Since babies are so small, their bodies are more susceptible to harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause skin irritation and breathing problems. Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Product Class 1 is great for infants with eczema and asthma.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification consist of four categories:

* Product Class I: Products for Babies up to 3 years
* Product Class II: Products with Direct Contact to Skin (i.e. clothes)
* Product Class III: Products without Direct Contact to Skin (i.e. linings, stuffings)
* Product Class IV: Decoration Material

The highest and most difficult certification to obtain is Product Class I. This certification means that a child can suck on the fabric and no harmful substances will come off.

Ty and lumi fabrics are organic (they are grown from non-genetically modified seed and without the use of toxic chemicals) and they are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Product Class 1 certified.

I’m excited to announce our latest contest here at Mommy Footprint, as Ty & Lumi Organics has generously provided a signature organic fitted sheet – the winner of the contest selects their colour. The retail cost of this product is $64 and it’s so important to have a breathable, organic material close to where baby spends so many hours of it’s day. Thanks Jill & Wendy!

Contest will close May 28th and you can be entered to win by posting a comment on the Mommy Footprint Facebook fan page or via the Contest Referral Form. Everyone has a baby shower to attend this summer and this fitted organic crib sheet is a thoughtful, practical, and very much appreciated gift for any expecting mom.


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