The Little Lorax Of Pedagogy Toys & Bamboo Clothing

I’ve been tipped off about a business who’s mission, while helping the environment, is to educate our children – a place called Pedagogy Toys.  You might be still trying to sound out the word ped-a-gogy, (rhymes with ‘pet a doggy’) and it means the science and art of teaching.  You can tell this is their first priority with the store’s eco brands, eco products, and passionate knowledge from the owners.  Co-owner Karen is who I’m referrencing with the description of the little Lorax of Pedagogy Toys.  After visiting the store and spending hours talking about environmental issues, products, and being a mom, I’ve found a kindred spirit and would later gush about the experience.   To quote Dr. Suess “I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees.”  Check out the website or store and you will see these words in action.

As I walked around Pedagogy, the sensitivity to our environment, the store’s global footprint, and locally sourced products kept flooding my senses. Their focus is to better support and nourish our planet through sustainable items.  An anthem after my own heart.  They have lessened their carbon footprint by sourcing SO many products locally. Every product line I would compliment or ask a question about, Karen would respond “oh..that was created by two North Van moms, or two New Westminster moms, etc.” – it turned into a very uplifting and educational experience for myself.

Karen is a fascinating woman because in her life before kids, she was an environmental engineer. And boy do you start to figure that out when looking at her full line of Eco toys. There are only 2 toys in the entire store that require batteries, many of her brands give a portion of the sales to support social causes, and they also carry fairly traded items.

One product that completely captured my attention is bamboo clothing  – have you ever touched bamboo clothing? Oh my gosh you would know because it is the softest fabric I’ve ever felt!  It was the first time I had seen it and I need to order some pieces for my kids. If your child complains that clothes are uncomfortable or itchy because of sensitive skin or eczema – try buying a t-shirt or pjs made from bamboo. Not only are you doing something great for the planet (bamboo is a very easy resource to produce), but it feels like silk next to your child’s skin. Much softer and lighter than organic clothing, as cotton doesn’t come close to this texture. One brand featured at Pedagogy is Pjzzzz which are bamboo products of pj sets, t-shirts, underwear, and swaddle blankets for babies. I would love all of my kids to have at t-shirts in bamboo to wear under other clothing and for those that know the softness of bamboo….imagine a baby swaddled in a bamboo blanket. Yummy.

Staying with the concept of using bamboo products on children with skin irritations, Pedagogy also carries bamboo face towels. The brand is Bamboobino and it features bamboo crib sheets (what a dreamy experience for a new baby), washcloths, and robes. Any of the bamboo products would be an amazing shower gift…especially items that are in continual contact with a new baby’s skin. The Bamboobino web site description says it best “It’s cashmere-like softness is great for babies”. Still need convincing? Here are more reasons to choose bamboo for baby products from a mom’s perspective. Source is from Bamboobino web site:

It’s more absorbent than cotton.
It possesses a property called bamboo kun, that makes it naturally anti-bacterial.
Its porous fibres comfortably wicks moisture away from skin.
It’s hypoallergenic – suitable for newborns sensitive skin.
It’s easy to care for – machine wash and tumble dry.

Also from Bamboobino’s site.  From a planet’s perspective – why choose bamboo?

It grows easily without pesticides or fertilizers.
It takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses as an equivalent stand of timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen.
It needs no replanting, and its roots retain water in the watershed, sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution.
Bamboo fabric uses moso bamboo (phyllostachys pubescen), which is not the species eaten by pandas.

A simply lovely experience and so uplifting to learn about the owner’s passion for the environment over at Pedagogy Toys.  Both Karen and I kept remarking how women (mother’s in particular) are emerging in all of these amazing successful business ventures because we are trying to make a difference for our children.  So true  – what a special time to be a mother and to arm yourself with knowledge to educate our families and encourage our own budding little Lorax.

Picture source:  Pjzzzz 

Bamboo swaddle blankets


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