Teething Bling For Babies…Worn By Mom!

It is one of those visuals that you quickly see and think huh?  You pause, and then gasp “that’s brilliant!”  I had one of those moments when I tripped onto the website called Smart Mom.  Two moms started this company and created ‘teething bling’ for moms.  

Parents know that children put everything they shouldn’t into their mouth – keys, money, and jewelry to name a few items.  I can remember Francesco knawing on my collar bone to try and relieve some teething discomfort as a little guy!  Well now you can multi-task looking good and soothing your child’s aching mouth.  Enter Teething Bling that is a product that can only be described as cool!  This product combines an attractive piece of jewelry and a safe alternative for your baby/toddler to play/teeth with and it stays clean hanging around mom’s neck.  Check out this visual and read more…

Not only are these pendants totally safe and non-toxic, but they look very hip!  They are made from phthalate-free, bpa-free, latex-free, PVC-free and lead-free (wanted to cover all the bases) high quality silicone and are even dishwasher friendly!  For added safety the pendants come with a breakaway clasp, although they state these are for moms to wear, not children or toddlers.

You are able to order directly from the Smart Mom website or you can check out their retail partners list…there are stores all over North America that carry these ‘practical and pretty’  shower or baby gifts.


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