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Please Read Before Shopping Black Friday Sales 2009

I’m Canadian so it’s not my Thanksgiving weekend, but the media buzz about black Friday shopping had me intrigued so I researched this event more. After getting the scoop on this American sale bonanza week/day/weekend, I have some advice for shoppers.  Watch this video – it will keep you focused and help control binge purchasing.  What is wrong with incredible deals with this stressed economy?  Nothing, but the excess spending on ‘stuff’ is what the marketing heads have hyped surrounding this shopping day and the big stores are banking on you buying with the ‘gotta have this now’ mindset and having a very profitable day.  And don’t get me wrong – nobody loves a deal more than me.  Saving money feels good to everyone, but keep a clear vision of what you need and what are impulse buys.  Most ‘stuff’ is not recyclable and many plastics and electronics are not recycled in North America – we ship lots of it to India and Asia and further pollute and give cancer to the people there left to ‘deal’ with this problem of too much stuff. Or in North America we put these items that cannot be recycled into the incinerator to be burned where the most toxic material of man-made substances are released in the form of dioxins that pollute our bodies and the environment.

And believe me – stores are discounting their crappy ‘stuff’ on sale days with massive marketing to help us forgot for one day that we really don’t need their ‘stuff’ because we already have enough of our own. If you don’t have time to watch the 20 minute video about the Story Of Stuff, just remember one important fact.  From day 1 after purchasing anything to 6 months later, we are only still using 1% of our purchases. Is it possible that 99% of ‘stuff’ we purchase is trashed?  It’s scary but true. Just something to think about, but I don’t want to dampen any aspect of American Thanksgiving…. just encourage people to think about shopping habits in our society and ways they can improve. Happy Thanksgiving to the many US Mommy Footprint readers!



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