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Top Organic Sunscreen 2009

Last year I had a near impossible quest of sourcing where to buy organic sunscreen for my children when the hot summer weather rolled in.  California Baby was rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group for health hazard score (chemicals within the product) and sun hazard score (UVB and UVA) in 2008.  My quest to purchase California Baby in Canada turned up being very difficult, but after trying Badger Sunscreen and TruKid I was happy with my selections.  Because both of these sunscreen were so effective and safe for my kid’s skin, I was pleased, but one of my children complained bitterly about the very strong scent from the Badger sunscreen brand ~ so I’m always on the look-out for new products.  Since writing my article last July about sunscreen selection and safety, I’ve learned about a Canadian e-store that does carry California Baby Sunscreen called O’Baby Organics.  Since California Baby Sunblock Stick No Fragrance SPF 30+, California Baby Sunblock Stick Everyday/Year Round SPF 30+, and Badger Sunscreen SPF 30+ were rated number 6, 7, and 8 out of a possible 1,104 sunscreens in the EWG skin deep database for 2009, they are definitely worth mentioning again.  Both of these brands have proven to be strong leaders in the cosmetics industry for not using harmful chemicals within their sunscreens, while providing very effective blocking for both UVA and UVB rays.

For 2009 the top organic sunscreen is Soleo Organics.  I’m so excited thanks to the EWG watch dog group, there is another tested and safe sunscreen option for families this summer.  Here is a picture of the Soleo sunscreen packaging, picture courtesy of Saffron Rouge website:

Saffron Rouge Organic Beauty is widely available to Canadian and US customers and they currently carry Soleo Organics Sunscreen SPF 30.  We love more options this year for non-toxic, safe sunscreens, so with the weather heating up this beautiful spring, start sourcing these brands right away.  I remember checking widely available American websites for California Baby products last year (Target, Amazon, etc.) and this brand was available by wait-list only.  Cross off one more product from your list, shop early, and ensure you are protected from the sun this year.  With parents having a heightened awareness that traditional sunscreens contain harmful chemicals, organic sunscreen companies are predicting stores selling out of popular brands early this summer.

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Parabens – Moms Should Check Their Cosmetics

We have been learning about health concerns with personal products, toys, and plastics and protecting our children, but have you stopped to think about your own cosmetics?  I watched a video clip on the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) web site that prompted me to check my own skin care line. If you are like me and attempt to read the ingredient lists of my personal products, I just wind up confused (and convinced that I need to take an English course because I can’t sound our most of the ingredients). Plus, as one of the scientific analysts for EWG stated, that reading the ingredients list if pointless unless you know what to look for. And they go on to say that half of our cosmetics contain an ingredient that is linked to reproductive problems or cancer.

Especially interesting from the video, was the scientist mentioning the chemical paraben.  I’ve seen it mentioned in various places, but didn’t know what the problem was.  Even at the Farmers Market last Sunday, I noticed a vendor selling non-toxic products and she was marketing them as ‘paraben free’. The simplest way I can explain the problems these two chemicals (phthalates and parabens) cause is that phthalates attack a boy/man’s reproductive system and cause an assortment of cancers and parabans attack a girl/woman’s reproductive system and cause female cancers. I thought that I only needed to worry about my boys with the problems that phthalates cause, but after watching this news video, I started checking my own personal product line and noticed many of them contain ingredients ending in ‘paraben’…isopropyl-paraben, isobutyl-paraben, butylparaben to name a few in my Paul Mitchell smoothing hair conditioner. Yikes!  I am also glad that I’ve replaced all personal care products for my girls with the non-toxic Trukid brand.  Especially after reading that parabens are reported to be carcinogens found in breast cancer tissue as well as the problems they cause with reproductive hormones.

More breast cancers in women?  More testicular cancer in men?  Are the chemicals the cause? This is the million dollar question. I’ll put in my two-bits to this debate. From the second I wrapped my mind around the issue with BPA, I knew there was something to the debate about this chemical. Why are so many young people we know battling infertility, MS, cancers, etc.? I think everyone agrees it’s environmental and I would add that the chemicals like BPA, Phthalates, and Parabens contribute to the many health issues that effect the child-bearing public. So, as mother’s especially, we are so diligent about protecting our children from harmful chemicals…maybe it’s time to look at our own personal products. You can check your products on the EWG’s cosmetic database by clicking this link. We need to make sure that we are keeping ourselves healthy as well as our children.  If you are like me, the more you learn, the more aware you are about these issues and it perpetuates around you.  I’m sure my family and friends are tired of hearing about these environmental concerns – but it’s getting us talking about it!  Spread the message of better health through your group of friends.



Ready To Win A Contest?

Mommy Footprint is having our first contest!  To enter, select the link below, and complete the form.  In order to help ‘spread the love’ please include a friend’s name and email address and they’ll be eligible to be entered into the contest too!  Your friend will need to subscribe to the Mommy Footprint site to become eligible, but the sender of the form will automatically be eligible to win a Trukid ‘Grab and Go Pack. https://mommyfootprint.com/mommyfootprint-referral-form/ 

I’m so happy my first contest includes products I can recommend because they are non-toxic and safe. The contest winner will receive:

• Friendly Face Wash
• Happy Face 77 Body Lotion
• Sunny Days SPF 30+ Sunscreen
• Bubbly Body Bar
• Spiffy Spearmint Lip Balm
• Mini Hero Stick
• Original Trukid Music CD

Only US and Canadian residents eligible.  Contest will close August 8th.  This is the same date as the 20% discount code ‘footprint’ expires at the Bug & Blossom site.  For more information about this discount, read Discount For Canadians at Bug & Blossom or Trukid Product Discount For Mommy Footprint Readers.



Discount For Canadians At Bug & Blossom

Have you heard about the online store called Bug & Blossom? WOW – what an awesome on-line site to source products for babies, kids, and new moms. They have everything you need AND they’re Canadian! I love saying that! One of their best product lines at the store is the organic skin care line Trukid. They have graciously agreed to honour the 20% discount off Trukid products for Canadian Mommy Footprint readers so we don’t have to pay extra costs with Trukid products coming up from the States. At the Bug & Blossom checkout, use the code ‘footprint’ and enjoy the savings! US parents wanting to source Trukid products can order via the Trukid site and also use the discount code ‘footprint’.

Trukid sunscreen was rated #2 from the Environmental Working Group, their facestick in particular, is an amazing product for kids. How awesome to not have to read ingredient labels or worry because this product line is 100% safe and non-toxic. Not only do they have sunscreen, but a full product line including shampoo, body/face wash, conditioner, hero stick for boo-boos, lipbalm, etc. Unlike the large companies that have dominated the bath skin care line for years with their products full of phthalates and fragrance, Trukid is leading the way to chemical free skin/hair care. I’ve tried sourcing all of these products because of Isabella’s eczema and my concern over how harsh most sunscreens and bath products react with her skin…it’s not easy! Well, it is now because these products are at my fingertips with the ease of on-line and low shipping within Canada.

Don’t wait, the 20% discount will expire August 22/08 and is valid for purchases over $25.00.



Trukid Product Discount For Mommy Footprint Readers!

Trukid Sunscreen is rated number 2 out of all the sunscreens reviewed by the Environmental Working Group.  Wow – what an honour for the company to receive the top spot by the helpful scientists at EWG.  What is so great about the Trukid company and their sunscreen products (Trukid Sunny Days Facestick Mineral Sunscreen and Trukid Sunny Days Mineral Sunscreen) is that unlike many of the other safe brands recommended by EWG, Trukid is easier to find and a much better price point.  It’s especially easy for Mommy Footprint readers because Trukid has provided a discount for anyone shopping on their website www.trukid.com with our very own coupon code.  When $25 or more is purchased, you receive 20% off the order by using coupon code: footprint.  Isn’t that awesome?  When you order multiple products, shipping rates are very reasonable.  Their website is very helpful as there is a Shipping and Sales Tax calculator after you’ve added items to the shopping cart, but before you submit your billing and payment info.

This offer is open to US and Canadian readers, so check out their website if you’re still sourcing non-toxic products for your kids ** www.trukid.com ** I’m very excited with the Trukid product line.  There isn’t a toxic product in their vast line of children’s products.  Here are some products that look awesome and can give parents peace of mind that phthalates or other toxins are not touching their child or baby’s skin.  I’m intrigued by the ‘Hero Stick’.  This product is marketed with ‘herbal heros’ to nourish skin with cuts, scratches, bug bites, etc.  How cute is that?  My kids have been collecting scrapes on their knees and bug bites by the bucket full this summer.  Here are more…

TruKid™ Sunny Days™ SPF 30 Sunscreen Stick
TruKid™ Hero Stick
TruKid™ Bubbly Body Wash
TruKid™ Cool Conditioner
TruKid™ Happy Face & Body Lotion
TruKid™ Silly Shampoo    

You know a company is dedicated to safety and kids health when their website has a great blog that talks about tips on correct sunscreen application and what makes a sunscreen non-toxic.  A good read if you want more information on the Trukid product line.

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