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Green Gift Ideas For Under $10 This Valentine’s Day

I thought I’d write something light in between the serious posts about Phthalates and BPA chemicals (I don’t want depressed readers)  <smile>.  What better way than to highlight fun and unique products for gift ideas for the little lovies in your life this Valentines Day.  I’m keeping the suggestions under the $10 range because let’s face it, nobody seems to have excess money in their wallets this year.  With these picks, you don’t have to break the bank and you’ll be giving your children sustainable and special gifts that will last past the first 3 minutes of your child opening it.  Chocolate is a favorite for kids to receive, but I’ve noticed my kids act like wild animals after eating chocolate lately…if I could by-pass three hours of all four running around my house in a frenzy, I will look at other options ~ and I have found them!  Here are my picks for Valentines Day and I’m not the only website talking about them.  

By far the best product for little girls, sourced by Green Planet Parties, is Piggy Paint!  I’ve written about this biodegradable nail polish previously as I love the concept of an all-natural nail polish and nail polish remover.  Green Planet Parties carries the pink polish called ‘forever fancy’ and this would be the ultimate gift for any little girl this Valentines Day. And moms will love the fact it’s a safe alternative to traditional polish that is actually very toxic.  Check out other sites singing the praise for this product!

Girls are so easy to buy for at Valentines ~ love, hugs, smiles, kisses ~ that’s what little girls are made of.  These words and little girls are just a natural fit with the Valentines theme of love.  Incorporate these words into hair accessories and rings.  Want a lovely gift for your special little girl for under $5?  Easy with the incredible pony tail holders, hair bands, and rings brought in especially for Valentines this year at Green Planet Parties.  These fabric covered buttons make the jewelry unique and safe from the lead-related statistics we see regarding the high levels of this compound in girl’s dress-up jewelry.  Check out this picture of a hair band and be inspired:


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Eco-Friendly (er) Kid’s Birthday Party

Well it’s been a busy week here…more so than Christmas.  Why?  It’s been a weekend of Eco-friendly party planning for a 5 year old boy ~ my Angelo.  I won’t go into the intense emotion that I feel when one of my kids gets one year older and I’m just not ready.  Here are some practical emotions I realized while hosting this Eco-friendly, sustainable, birthday party.    

During the preparations for Angelo’s special party, I had a few ‘light bulb moments’ about party give-aways.  I am very sensitive to the plight of boys and what constitutes a ‘cool’ loot bag or party give-away.  You have to be very creative with boys so they aren’t disappointed with a give-away that doesn’t light up, shoot something, or have a super hero on the front of it.  As I geared up for Angelo’s special celebration I couldn’t help but think back to last year, because we were having the same wonderful performer come to the house to keep the kids entertained.  This year it was a clown, last year he came dressed as a magician.  The give-aways last year included magician themed toys: clown nose, funny glasses with big nose, wand, deck of cards, etc.  I started second guessing myself, as this year I selected very sustainable, handcrafted give-aways.  When pulling out party supplies to re-use, I found some leftover items from the give-aways we gave last year.  My boys were so excited to see the clown nose and funny glasses. The pangs of guilt increased….but I learned about trusting your instincts and why teaching your children about sustainability is so important.  Within an hour of these new items coming out, the glasses had broken, the nose was ripped in two and the toy magician wand broke – instantly becoming a choking hazard. 

I suddenly felt silly for doubting myself and even a little bad for giving my guests such cheap items the year before.  What did I do this year?  I purchased cowboy fabric and had the master seamstress extraordinaire from Green Planet Parties create tool belt/craft aprons.  Foot long craft/tool mini aprons with pockets and a loop that held a hammer and paper punch to encourage crafting for both girls and boys attending the party.  Girls love to hammer too…so they received hammers, but their aprons were made with pink flower fabric with striped front pockets.  My sons thought these give-aways were awesome and it’s rekindled the intense pride I feel about the education process the Green Planet Party (GPP) site offers parents about giving more Eco-friendly parties for their children and choosing ‘green’ (er) give-away and gift selections.  Besides for this year’s loot bags, my children’s 2 favorite give-aways from recent parties have been a full camouflage apron for Angelo…he runs for it every time he helps in the kitchen and Francesco loves his stainless steel cup that holds his morning milk.  I can’t remember many other give-aways other than books.

I had further affirmation during the party when Francesco, my very cool 6 year old, noticed the cloth, personalized banner and matching camouflage cloth tablecloth for Angelo and quietly says to me “I want the same thing at MY party!”  This was said with a quiet voice, but a loud exclamation at the end of the statement.  And let me tell you, that boy is not easy to impress!

My guests were also wowed by the cold cups made from corn ~ perfectly sized for small hands and the beautiful palm leaf tableware that still takes my breath away with it’s imperfect, naturally stunning design, produced by mother nature herself. 

I thought Angelo would be too young at 4-5 years old when he decided to have a donation party, where the guests bring a cash donation in lieu of gifts, but after watching his big brother last year, he decided he had to help save the lions.  These cats are on the endangered list and Angelo just adores these beautiful animals.  He proudly counted the donations and set aside the amount for the lions.  He knows when he decides on a special gift, he’s welcome to use his 1/2 from the donations and purchase something sustainable and fun.  When given a choice, kids will surprise you every time.  The gift of education from these greener parties will travel through your group of friends and family….continuing to spread the word about unique and important ways to help the earth.  Now the only thing missing from the GPP site is how a mom comes to terms with her baby growing up.  <sob>



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