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Bubble & Bee Organics for Eczema Care

Sometimes it feels like I’m doing more research than writing. This happened a few months back and I was struggling to find the answers for why my daughter’s eczema had flared up when coconut oil had kept it moisturized for so long. I was completely at a loss and needed to turn to an expert. I was also a little shaken because a company I trusted for eczema care and knowledge had recently re-formulated, not told their customers, and children were reacting to the products that had been manufactured for ‘sensitive skin’ – which my Isabella definitely has!  I started reading the blog of Bubble & Bee Organics and realized I had a new person to trust. Anyone that can explain their products in such depth so that an average mom can understand is a true expert. One of my favorite blog articles by Stephanie is called The Importance of USDA Organic Certification – you will learn a lot from reading it! And if you visit the Bubble & Bee Facebook page- the gratitude and love from customers is amazing.  So I took some time drafting an email to Stephanie, the founder explaining that Isabella wasn’t responding to the traditional coconut oil and one side of her face looked burned from the reaction she was having. Actually, thinking back the coconut oil looked like it was making it worse. She wrote back right away explaining that this can sometimes happen with impurities being drawn from the skin. She also wrote back with advice on looking internally and I’ve heard from many others that eczema can occur from the gut w/ immune response, etc. But that is for another article.

A good example of how Stephanie is able to explain synthetic, natural, organic ingredients is in this blog post called What Is Natural? Check out her explanation – easy to read and understand!

Trusting a brand is important. There are very few that have stuck to their original purpose of using simple, organic ingredients. I have spent 2 months testing two of the Bubble & Bee products that Stephanie sent me: Body Butter and Unscented Lotion Stick. Both have been amazing, especially the lotion stick for Isabella’s eczema rash on her face and inner arm. She gets the stick on her own now because she trusts there is no burning or stinging using these products. They are USDA Organic and a trusted arsenal for sensitive skin!

Stephanie also sent the Bubble & Bee Organic Insect Repellent for review because ever year I get asked by readers for a bug repellent that is safe for children. Our rainy West Coast experienced a ‘Junuary’ like no other with tons of rain and I wasn’t able to test the repellent quickly enough for summer. So when a reader emailed me a said she was getting eaten alive back East, I send the repellent to her for feedback. I would recommend it from the ingredient list as a safe alternative but will post the MF reader’s feedback on our Facebook page. My thanks to Stephanie for her obvious dedication with educating people on chemicals and how to distinguish the harmful from beneficial. Follow her ‘Chemical Of The Day Q&A‘ and release your inner chemist! Follow her tips via Facebook or the company blog and feel safe about trusting this great brand.



Lalabee Bathworks Is Buzzing With Organic Fun

Anyone can guess from my every day appearance that I don’t partake in a daily beauty regime, but as I discover products made with natural beeswax and organic oils, I’m feeling enticed to change.  I’ve become a huge fan of products made from beeswax because it’s so incredibly organic and the fragrance is lovely for my sensitive nose.  So I was delighted to discover the organic delights from BC’s own Lalabee Bathworks. A sampling of the ingredients listed on their mommy and baby product line include natural beeswax, organic sunflower oil, organic olive oil, vitamin E oil to name only a few of these organic goodies!

I’ve been surprising my clan before bedtime with back rubs with Lalabee Bathworks Body Balm. My kids love it and I enjoy the soft, non-greasy texture of the balm.  Even with its title Double Lavender Body Balm the lavender fragrance is very mild, lovely in fact, and the balm absorbs into their skin leaving it feeling gorgeous.  I’ve always steered clear of greasy, body lotions, but this is a wonderful, new ritual we are all enjoying.  Designed for infant massage, I even tried it on my Isabella & her sensitive skin was not bothered with this product.  The balm is a lovely texture and you can really feel the olive and sunflower oil ingredients. 

Savvy Mom wrote in their dream baby shower gift guide that Lalabee Bathworks for babies is a must have for babies’ perfect skin. Wow! The next baby gift or shower you attend, swap out traditional skin care products (Johnson and Johnson for example) because the mom-to-be will love Lalabee’s line of gifts. Their Baby Gift combination of Bottom Balm (must have), Baby Butter, Body Balm, Milk Bath is so affordable at $25!  Another fun product they’ve created are organic bath bombs made with baking soda, organic sunflower and tangerine essential oil to name a few…lovely, fun and safe from hidden chemicals of traditional bath products.  Just what bath time should be.

Lalabee Bathworks is getting some really big buzz for their fantastic products and their concern for the environment with earth friendlier packaging of fully recyclable tins for their balms and biodegradable cellulose bags for gifts. Lalabee supports local economy by making their product line in Canada using certified organic and natural ingredients ~ without any nasty preservatives that traditional skin care lines use to keep products on store shelves for so long. Great job to their founder Sara ~ I’ll be watching closely to see what you come up with next!



Gaia Natural Baby Lends A Hand With Childhood Eczema

My daughter Isabella has seasonal childhood eczema.  I don’t know what causes it, but in the winter it flares up and causes rough patches all over her body, face, back, hips, and chest.  To watch her scratch last year and say “Mommy itchy, mommy owwie” was hard because she was only 1 year old and she was my first child to suffer with sensitive skin.  She doesn’t have food allergies and with last year being SO much worse, I’ll attribute her continual flare-up to the personal care products we used on her skin and chemicals we’ve since removed from our household.  Products like shampoo, soap, clothes detergent and dryer sheets, previously laced with fragrance and toxic chemicals, now replaced with fragrance free, eco-friendly, or all natural products.  And don’t get me started about toxic dryer sheets – I discovered they never belonged or served a purpose in my home.

I’d like to focus on a new line-up of products that were introduced to me by Gwen, the owner of Nayla Natural Care.  The product line is from Gaia Natural Baby and she thought of me instantly because I’m always on the look-out for safe, natural products to use on Isabella.  I first became a fan of hers when I noticed she carried very inexpensive BPA free, ice-cube trays for storing baby food.  Ever since writing about this product, Gwen and I have a wonderful rapport because her product knowledge on natural products is outstanding!  She is happy to consult, share, and even point you to a different company or product she doesn’t carry if it can help you.  I trust her product selection and am proud that she’s a fellow Canadian mompreneur making a difference with offering babies, children and moms a line-up of products you can trust.

Gaia Natural Baby is a certified organic brand, made in Australia, started by a family that couldn’t use any traditional products on their child suffering from eczema at 8 weeks old.  They were started in 2002 which makes them a grandpappy company in the world of organic personal care companies.   She too was told cortisone was the only way to treat her son’s sensitive skin (I was told the same thing), an answer she refused to listen to and Gaia Natural Baby was born.  Ingredients are listed on the bottle and rather than the words nobody can pronounce and alcohol being listed, you’ll see:

Certified Organic Calendula Extract ~ Certified Organic Chamomile Extract ~ Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil ~ Certified Organic Avocado Oil ~ Certified Organic Shea Butter ~ Certified Organic What Germ Oil ~ Certified Organic Lavender Pure Essential Oil ~ Certified Organic Sweet Orange Pure Oil

All things you know are natural – I even got a little hungry while typing that out! <grin>  When Gwen mentioned the lavender scent with the Gaia brand I was hesitant because lavender smell gives me an instant headache…but I agreed because Isabella’s skin has been breaking out in recent weeks.  I’ve been very happy to discover that the scent is lovely and very light; from the shampoo, to the body wash/bubble bath, to the skin moisturizer, just a wonderful, natural and soft experience.  Oh my gosh and the delight that my girls experienced with having bubbles in their tub again after many months in bubble-free water was so fun to watch!  The just loved it and the bath water stayed very moisturizing and the shampoo is fantastic!  Isabella is able to have her hair washed and her skin moisturized in a comfortable, natural way.

So Gaia Natural Baby isn’t joining the fight against childhood eczema, it probably was one of the leaders.  I’m thankful to Gaia Natural Baby’s founder, a mother that decided to trust her instincts and create a company to help her child and many more as a result.  Thanks to Gwen for sourcing these items and telling me about Gaia. 

Nayla is starting to grow and branch out into the natural Eco-Me cleaning kits I keep hearing such good things about.  A truly wonderful store to check out for Valentines Day for that expectant mom or little person deserving these and many other natural gems!  Check out their new arrivals – perfect to kick start Valentines or baby shower planning.



Treatment for Childhood Eczema

There is nothing as heartbreaking as watching the discomfort your child experiences with childhood eczema…especially when they are having a bad flare-up. I thought I was free from any of my kids having this illness, but when the winter months arrived, one of my girls developed her first outbreak.  Poor thing would say “owie” and “itchy” all day long.  I tried the recommended over-the-counter creams from a list issued from our Children’s Hospital, but the Vaseline and glaxal based creams made things worse. She became inflamed, like a burn after I put them on. 

We decided to move to the next step of using a prescription cortisone cream. I was never totally comfortable treating her with this after reading the warnings on the cortisone package. They emphasize to only apply the cream to the afflicted area and to discontinue use after a few days. I wasn’t comfortable thinking this cream might cause my toddler’s skin to break down. Well, the cortisone didn’t work at all on Isabella so I emailed out to the people I trust the most…other moms. At this point her rash was wide-spread, covering her upper torso, behind the knees, patches on her inner elbow and dry patching in the folds of her neck and back.  Thanks to some suggestions from other moms I started to also change household practices and her diet. I also insisted on being referred to a pediatric dermatologist via my family doctor. After 3 months I still haven’t gotten my appointment yet, so thank god I found a solution that worked for my little girl.  Here is the combination of actions that have completely eliminated her discomfort:

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Home Made & Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

A great question arrived recently via ‘Ask Suzanne’.  Here is a snippet:

“My kids love helping me clean the house, but I usually tell them that I am happy for their help but I don’t want them handling all those yucky cleaning products.  Do you know any good recipes for home made, eco and kid friendly cleaning solutions?”

I could not agree more.  I would love to hand my kids a rag when they follow me around wanting to help clean, but I don’t want them inhaling toxic products.  We all probably know the most common home made cleaning product – vinegar, but I’ve also included recipes that include baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil, and rubbing alcohol.  If anyone has other home made cleaning recipes that are favorites, please post them using the ‘comment’ feature.

I’m giddy after researching this question, because I had no idea vinegar has so many different uses.  I had no idea you can use it to kill weeds!  The front of my house is in need of a dandelion bombing, but I didn’t want to use toxic weed poison so this information is timely!  I’ll just fill up some squirt bottles with vinegar and let my boys have target practice….another eco friendly kid’s project.  Here are some other uses for vinegar:

Glass/window cleaner.  Mix 2 teaspoons white vinegar with 1 litre warm water to clean glass.  Use a soft cloth or crumbled newspaper to clean.  

Ant Repellent.  If you’re looking for an ant deterrent, white distilled vinegar is a natural product for this purpose when used to wipe counter tops, cabinets and floors.

Stainless steel appliance cleaner.  Apply vinegar to shammy or soft cloth and apply.

Fabric Softener.  Vinegar works great as a fabric softener substitute because it cuts detergent residue.  Add 1 cup of undiluted white vinegar in the rinse cycle – this is a good tip if you have a person with sensitive skin in your family.

Vinegar works as a deodorizer.  1 cup of apple vinegar set in a glass in the fridge will remove smells in 2 days.  Boil 1/4 cup white vinegar and mix with 1 cup water in the microwave and use to loosen food and it will deodorize at the same time.

White vinegar can be used to clean soap residue, bathtub film,  and toilet bowl stains.  3 cups of white distilled vinegar will deodorize your toilet if left for 1/2 hour.  Here is a recipe for toilet bowl cleaner:

Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar.
Pour into bowl and let sit for a few minutes. Scrub.

This has nothing to do with cleaning, but I thought this was brilliant!  Apparently vinegar can fix a worn DVD that has begun to skip or suffers from freeze-frame (seriously!).  You apply vinegar to a soft cloth and wipe the DVD, ensure it’s dry, then insert into DVD player.  Good god, could it be this easy?  This one I’ll be trying tomorrow…stay tuned.

Baking soda is another commonly used home made cleaning product.  Get your child to sit on your kitchen floor, give him/her cups of vinegar and a box of baking soda.  They will believe they are mixing a ‘magic potion’ because of the fizzle/mild explosion effect.  The bigger the mess, the better, because you can clean your floors with the spills after play time is over.  Angelo washed his pennies doing little potions for over an hour last week.  It was a great way for him to pass the time and it forced mommy to wash the floors. Continue Reading →



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