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Mega Brands Toy Recall

You’ll learn soon enough that I have a toy addiction…I’m in LOVE with Playmobil. It’s quality is amazing and although it’s not cheap, you just know it will never end up on a recall list.   Another recall has surfaced involving magnets, the company is MEGA Brands.   Never a huge surprise anymore when the toy has a magnet, but this recall is pretty widespread.   Most parents I know have a Magnetix building set and I was planning on purchasing the Magnetix Jr. set for the girls because it’s so fun.   Guess I need to get my girls aboard the Playmobil train, as it’s really the only brand I buy that I’m completely at ease.

Here is the link to the latest recall  involving the following building sets from Mega Brands: Magnetix, Magtastik, Magnimals, Magnetix Jr., and Magna-Mans.




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