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Green Planet Parties Has Launched!

I’m so excited to announce that Green Planet Parties has launched!  As of today, we’re open for business.

What is Green Planet Parties (GPP) you ask?  Well, as one of the co-founders, I would love to explain.  For the past year, my partner for GPP and I have been trying to reduce waste, eliminate plastic, and think about ways to help the environment in small ways with our family and children.  With 6 kids between us, like all parents, we’ve become experts at sourcing birthday party supplies, decorations, goodie bag items, and presents.  We both hosted eco birthday parties this year and had such incredible feedback from guests and parents, we wanted to keep the education ball rolling with launching this company.  We are here to assist parents with sourcing sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, reusable party supplies.  GPP has done the work of finding these products – now they are a fingertip’s reach away.  Green Planet Parties has a web store and all sustainable decorations, tableware, and goodie bag items can be ordered online and shipped to your house. 

Imagine being able to eliminate the hours of work driving and researching party supplies to give your child the ‘perfect’ birthday party? Here are some sample images of what we offer:

Eliminate plastic at your party by adding cloth goodie bags as the perfect finishing touch to your give-aways!


Set the scene for your guests with our beautiful, biodegradable, compostable, cups, plates, cutlery, and napkins.


Customized 8 flag Birthday Banners to be reused year after year, long after the party is over.


Customized tile necklace package includes 11 necklaces – 10 for the guests and one for the birthday girl. A magical give-away for your guests with their name personalized!

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Build-A-Bear and Educating Children About Endangered Animals

I discovered a few interesting facts involving endangered animals that I wanted to share.  I’ve had endangered animals on my mind since the boys and I visited our zoo last weekend.  We never miss an opportunity to discuss animal issues, especially when we say hi to the tigers that Francesco believed he’s rescued from extinction from his birthday party donations.  The boys mentioned at the zoo that perhaps it would be nice to save a different animal species at his birthday party next year.  The impact and dialogue that resulted from Francesco requesting donations in lieu of gifts, just continues to build.  Every hawk/eagle that circles the sky, one of my boys always comments that we’ll have to save them next.  I love that they are thinking of helping animals above the fun of receiving presents. I’m still receiving positive comments and feedback from parents about this idea.

The highlight of our zoo visit is the miniature train you can ride that tours the entire zoo.  The part that I enjoy the most is the train conductor who gives interesting and adorable animal facts over their loud speaker while driving the train.  They are such cute bits of information for the kids – here are a few:

♦  All zebras have the same number of stripes…they are just organized in a different pattern on each zebra.

◊  If you shaved all the fur off a tiger, the stripe pattern would still be visible on their skin.

♦  Flamingos are not naturally pink.  The alpha and beta-carotene in their diet makes them this color…without it they would be gray.

◊  A giraffe’s heart weighs 25 lbs.  Also, a  giraffe only sleeps for 1/2 hour per day (24 hour period).  If a giraffe naps for 1 minute…that is considered a deep sleep.  (Yikes!!)

♦  And lastly, what started me on this topic – the Siberian Tigers at our zoo, will likely be extinct in the wild by the year 2010.  Right now they are considered extremely endangered.

Francesco has always loved those tigers at the Vancouver Zoo and it makes us so sad to think about how endangered their species is.  It got me thinking that a ‘softer’ way to introduce a younger child to the plight of endangered animals is to engage them in a really fun activity.  Take them to Build-A-Bear!  This may sound like a contradiction to most Eco activities, but we are talking about a great way to provide information and education without the child even realizing it.  Build-A-Bear makes it easy by featuring World Wildlife Fun Friends.  For every animal purchased in their WWF Collection, Build-A-Bear will donate $1 to the World Wildlife Fund.  What a great idea! 

hmmmm ..can you imagine if Webkinz did the same thing?  With how many Webkinz creatures they sell…the dollar amount would be incredible!  I’m just thinking out loud, but I might need to send off an email.  <smile>



Eco Kids Birthday Party

Every aspect of a traditional kids party involves excessive waste. From paper invitations, decorations (plates, napkins, cups, etc.), presents, goodie bags…..I could go on! Times are changing and parents are looking to reduce, re-use and recycle even at their kid’s parties. When explained to children at the right age, you can give them a valuable education regarding helping our planet and the benefits of helping a social cause.

My son’s 6th birthday is approaching and we are trying to make it as green as possible…I’ve listed some tips that we’ll be following to create a fun, eco party!

Evite www.evite.com invitations to reduce paper.

Minimal decorations….we are having a ‘Superman’ theme, but my big boy has agreed that only 1 decoration on the wall is ok. We’ll later post it in the toy room or his room so it gets some use.

I usually buy matching themed napkins, cake/food plates, table cloth, cups and goodie bags. This will all be eliminated and we’ll use what the facility provides and bring re-usable cake plates.

I won’t be making my own cake, but doing this helps reduce the waste of plastic packaging from a ‘store bought’ cake.

The goodie bags are wood planter boxes that a local carpenter created. They will come unassembled, with instructions on how to assemble, nails, a bag of soil, and a bag of seeds. I’ve always loved the gardening theme for give aways because it gives kids a lasting project and gets them outside in the fresh air.

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