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ECOBAGS® Focus On Eliminating Plastic With Grocery Store Produce

We all know the importance of using a canvas tote or re-usable bags to try and eliminate plastic waste, but you can go one step further at the grocery store. Has it crossed your mind that there might be a better way to bag your apples or potatoes, rather than putting them in plastic produce bags? You know the bags you rip off the roll and can’t figure out which side is supposed to open? <grin> It has crossed my mind on more than one occasion that there must be a better solution.

Today I received a great solution called Eco-Bags®. This company sells perfect little sacks for bagging your produce or grains. They are very light-weight and come in natural or organic cotton…most important, they are machine washable. These can be used in place of plastic produce bags. 

Amazing that Eco-Bags® was so ahead of their time when they opened for business in 1989. They were very forward thinking as the company’s goal was to produce a product so that “reusable becomes a way of life.” Also, they first launched using natural cotton, then evolved to certified organic cotton, and have now progressed to reclaimed cotton (recycled scraps).

Just to give you an idea of what colossal waste plastic bags produce for our planet –  here are the savings from San Francisco that has banned plastic bags. They estimate that 180 million bags were used per year by shoppers. The owner of Eco-Bags® projects that 90 billion plastic bags are distributed per year in the US and that paper bags are also a huge waste in the amount of energy it takes to produce them. Reusing items is probably the most profound message from Environmentalists. There seems to be no easier place to start than with plastic bags and there is an educational component with taking one of these shopping with you.  You can bet people will stop and ask questions and an Eco conversation will be born! These bags are priced great too…check here for produce bag prices. 

Picture source: Eco-Bags® site



How Long Items Take To Decompose In Landfills

I found these facts regarding how long various items take to biodegrade after we’ve thrown them in the trash very interesting. Seeing that all BC residents will be receiving a cheque for $100 per family member for the Climate Action Dividend, why not use a small amount of that money to actually green your life?  Don’t forget you must register your children via this form to receive the dividend.

After reading the examples of how long items take to decompose in our landfills, why not pay that small extra amount to buy biodegradable garbage bags?  One very small step can make the huge difference of these petroleum based bags taking 20 years to break down in our landfill…and that’s if they have proper exposure to air, etc.  Or check out the time for a Styrofoam cup to decompose…100 years!  If you are a frequent coffee person that likes take-out, why not invest in a travel cup and carry it with you?  Small steps are going to help us clean up our mess. 

 (Source is the UK Department of the Environment)

  • Plastic bags, 10-20 years
  • Glass bottle – 1 million years
  • Plastic Beverage Bottle – unknown, possibly 500+ years
  • Cotton rags, 1-5 months
  • Paper, 2-5 months
  • Rope (natural fiber), 3-14 months
  • Orange peels, 6 months
  • Wool socks, 1-5 years
  • Cigarette filters, 3-12 years
  • Milk cartons, 5 years
  • Leather shoes, 25-40 years
  • Nylon fabric, 30-40 years
  • Plastic 6-pack holder rings, 450 years
  • Styrofoam cup, 100 years
  • Banana peels, 2-10 days


Reusable Canvas Totes – The New Prada?

I’ll admit I’ve never been an ‘accessories’ girl.   I own one watch (a Roots sports watch that has a night light so I can clock what ungodly hour my kids get me up), no jewelry, purses, umbrella, and really only 1 pair of shoes.  I wait until I’ve worn out my current pair of crocs or boots, then buy another pair to wear.   It’s not because I don’t want to look cute, I just know I’ll lose anything that isn’t nailed down to me.  I might be the last person on this planet that doesn’t own a cell phone.  It’s all I can do to keep track of my wallet and camera.  Oh yes, the 4 kids, their stuffed animals, snacks, change of clothes, diapers…. yikes!   No wonder I don’t have accessories.

However, lately I’ve been carrying a green reusable canvas tote for my wallet, kids’ snacks, diapers, etc. and I’m using it very proudly.   It might not be the most attractive bag ever, but if I loose it (give me a week and that thing is gone); I’m only out a few dollars.  I think I’m onto something…girls, can the canvas totes be our new Prada?   My sister was recently here with her latest Betsy Johnson purse and I was temped to  ask how much, where can I find one, etc., but I think I’m ok with my new discovery.    

Especially when using the canvas tote is in the top 10 ways to green your home.  Read the below from www.livescience.com:

“Eschew plastic bags by bringing your own reusable canvas totes the next time you’re at the supermarket or store. Because petroleum-based plastic isn’t biodegradable, it’s certain to outlive you-by about a millennium or so. Each year, thousands of marine animals, including the endangered leatherback turtle, choke to death on plastic trash they mistake for snackable morsels. Our unholy love for plastic disposables has also bred a swirling vortex of plastic trash the size of Texas in the North Pacific Ocean-not surprising when you consider that Americans run through about 100 billion plastic bags annually, using up an estimated 12 million barrels of oil.

You’ll easily forget about horrible plastic bags when you see the amazing totes found on Etsy.  I love this site devoted to selling handmade items.  Just to demonstrate that the reusable canvas tote doesn’t have to be ugly like my green selection…check out this one with owls!

Loose Caboose Designs is the adorable shop on Etsy that created this bag.



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