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Green Gift Ideas For Under $10 This Valentine’s Day

I thought I’d write something light in between the serious posts about Phthalates and BPA chemicals (I don’t want depressed readers)  <smile>.  What better way than to highlight fun and unique products for gift ideas for the little lovies in your life this Valentines Day.  I’m keeping the suggestions under the $10 range because let’s face it, nobody seems to have excess money in their wallets this year.  With these picks, you don’t have to break the bank and you’ll be giving your children sustainable and special gifts that will last past the first 3 minutes of your child opening it.  Chocolate is a favorite for kids to receive, but I’ve noticed my kids act like wild animals after eating chocolate lately…if I could by-pass three hours of all four running around my house in a frenzy, I will look at other options ~ and I have found them!  Here are my picks for Valentines Day and I’m not the only website talking about them.  

By far the best product for little girls, sourced by Green Planet Parties, is Piggy Paint!  I’ve written about this biodegradable nail polish previously as I love the concept of an all-natural nail polish and nail polish remover.  Green Planet Parties carries the pink polish called ‘forever fancy’ and this would be the ultimate gift for any little girl this Valentines Day. And moms will love the fact it’s a safe alternative to traditional polish that is actually very toxic.  Check out other sites singing the praise for this product!

Girls are so easy to buy for at Valentines ~ love, hugs, smiles, kisses ~ that’s what little girls are made of.  These words and little girls are just a natural fit with the Valentines theme of love.  Incorporate these words into hair accessories and rings.  Want a lovely gift for your special little girl for under $5?  Easy with the incredible pony tail holders, hair bands, and rings brought in especially for Valentines this year at Green Planet Parties.  These fabric covered buttons make the jewelry unique and safe from the lead-related statistics we see regarding the high levels of this compound in girl’s dress-up jewelry.  Check out this picture of a hair band and be inspired:


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Phthalates & BPA Chemicals ~ The Disappearing Male Documentary

Have you heard about the CBC documentary called The Disappearing Male? A completely fascinating study with experts contributing to the idea that the thousands of man-made chemicals produced in the last 100 years are contributing to boys suffering from a decrease in sperm production, sperm abnormalities, cancer, and genital deformities.  As a mother of two boys, I was totally glued to this 45 minute documentary.  I took notes throughout the film and would like to share the many things I learned.  This topic is so interesting because the 2 chemicals the documentary focused on are BPA and Phthalates – two chemicals I too believe need more attention than only being banned from baby bottles.  There are some scary statistics and harsh realities with watching this video, that I really believe all parents should watch.  Your awareness of how much plastic affects your health will be heightened.  To watch the two minute trailer click here.  Canadians, to watch the 45 min film click here.  Canadians and Americans, to watch the film in 5 chopped up clips, here is the link on YouTube.  I learned so much information, I’m spreading this topic over two Mommy Footprint articles ~ I feel so strongly about this topic and don’t want to overload with too much information within one article.

Part 1: What Is Happening To Boy’s Reproduction and The Human Experiment At Aamjiwnaang

According to the documentary The Disappearing Male, there is a growing body of evidence that something is wrong with the sexual health of human males worldwide.  In the last 50 years, sperm counts have been cut in half ~ scientists believe that boys today, produce 1/2 the sperm their fathers did.  Accompanied with increased rates of male infertility and testicular cancer more than doubled in recent years and why?  Scientists believe that man-made synthetic chemicals are to blame.  In the last 60 years, thousands of man-made compounds have been produced and most have not been tested for how they affect humans.  Examples of these chemicals are BPA, produced to make plastic hard and phthalates to make plastic soft.  It’s not only human scientists noticing these scary trends, but environmental scientists studying animals are finding the same thing…vastly reduced amounts of all male species when living in polluted habitats.  Continue Reading →



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