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Eye Spy Eco Activity or Kid’s Birthday Party Idea

At Angelo’s year end wrap-up party for preschool, the children and parents were surprised with an incredible forest walk.  We are lucky enough to have some forest left nearby our little school.  It wasn’t your ‘standard’ forest walk to find bugs or climb stumps…it was an eye spy adventure.  The teachers had pulled objects out of the classroom and placed them in obvious (and not-so-obvious) spots along the forest trail.  There was a doll baby perched in a tree, colored markers scattered along the forest floor, pretend food from the play kitchen, larger objects for kids that weren’t searching very hard <smile>, etc.  There were squeals of delight as they recognized what didn’t belong in the forest and where and what the object was used for at the preschool.  

Isn’t that a great idea for a fun Eco summer activity or birthday party event?  There was zero cost and the children LOVED it!  My girls were also on the walk and enjoyed it, so the age range for this could span easily from 2-10 years old.  My children would think it’s hilarious to find everyday items from our house on a nature walk in our nearby creek.  Place object in tree stumps, hang things from trees, and give them some easy to find treasures too.  Continue Reading →



My Footprint

My name is Suzanne and I’m a mommy of 4 beautiful children. Thanks to my very talented and supportive husband Ray, I’ve been able to stay home with my kids since my 2nd son was born. When my boys were ages 1 and 2 we had an oopsie pregnancy (although Ray still isn’t buying it) and at my 6 month ultrasound we found out it was TWINS! What a shock, but I’m so happy we got to experience double trouble.

I love to seek new information and relay it to other moms. These days parents have so many issues to tackle with their kids health and well being with BPA leaching from plastics, lead paint and toy recalls, it’s really tough to keep abreast of these new age parenting challenges.

This blog is a personal journey from a mom that finds all aspects of parenting fascinating, but knows she is far from having all the answers. The name ‘mommy footprint’ has a double meaning for me. I am striving to enter the ‘green’ movement and change what my footprint will look like on our planet. The more Eco friendly products and projects I research, the more addicting and fun the ‘green’ process becomes. I will document my journey and hope my discoveries help inspire others.

The other meaning for mommy footprint is to relay the places my feet have travelled (I always want to quote Franny’s Feet “where will my feet take me today?”) and what kid friendly discoveries I’ve made along the way. I love uncovering new things to keep my energetic clan busy and happy.

This is how this blog came alive..I hope it reaches and helps many parents in our quest to get through the day and keep our kids safe and happy.



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