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Celebrating Teachers At Christmas

** Spoiler alert – my teacher gifts are outlined in case any are reading. **

Teachers are special people. The teachers in my children’s lives are beyond special..they have been extended family in my life for many years. That is how you know you’ve chosen the right school for your children. When walking through the doors of a school makes you feel like you’ve landed in a soft place and there will be no conflict or sadness – only happiness and support. I’ve often written about the magical preschool all of my children have attended. I’ve been a parent at this parent co-op for 6 consecutive years and this will be my final year there. Through those 6 years I’ve had friendships begin, friendships end, feelings of being judged, discovered I was having twins when my sons were ages 1 and 2, started a business with a huge learning curve and heavy workload, and so much more. The preschool journey has been filled with ups and downs, but the teachers have remained compassionate, loving, understanding, and kind to my entire family through this 6 year journey and have been my safe place to land when life has been kinda tough. So this year, I need to find the perfect Christmas gift that will explain how thankful I’ve been to have their guidance and support. I’m lucky that all three teachers are little bit like me: practical, love nature, are moms, enjoy warm beverages, and adore & respect the art of handmade.  While researching my own ideas for teacher gifts, I’ve come up with some very special gift ideas and wanted to share these little treasures.

Top contender: Eikcam

Bookmark eikcam’s Facebook page, Twitter account @eikcamdesign, because local artist Grace Lee is something special.  I first saw her ceramics last year and I’ve literally thought of nothing else when a poppy, bird nest, or dandelion image flits into my mind. One of her signature pieces are bud wall vases and they are just exquisite when you see them in person. Here is a link to the bird nest vases from Grace’s sold items – this is something I will always remember from our preschool. There is always one, two, three or more bird nests around the classroom with magnifying glasses for the children. I will always connect the teachers with bird nests so I though these vases would be a lovely gift. Also a double meaning behind the bud vase for a teacher is their view on the magic of a single flower. Preschool teachers fully understand the honor that is bestowed when a child beams up at them with a dandelion or weed they have picked. They view these as treasures and these little vases can help encase their latest gift.

Also from Grace are her ceramic bird ornaments. These ceramic birds are a wonderful Christmas gift for the tree but can also be used to decorate the house all year round. I’ve also seen these ornaments up close and they truly are beautiful ceramic decor for any occasion. They have the ‘swoon’ factor that we all love to hear when gift giving.

Personalized Birch Vase

I love these personalized birch vases as a teacher’s gift and the shop is located in the US. These birch vases can be engraved with a heart and maybe the word teacher inside ~ how unique and special! There are all different price points on these birch vases ranging from $12 – $35…guaranteed to be something original and will love to be used.

Knit Cozies

Apple cozies are brilliant as a teacher’s gift. They are practical, cute, and the when outfitted with an apple – just make you happy to see them. I recently came across knitted tea bag totes and for the tea drinking teachers at our school – these would be a great gift. It’s a way to keep their tea bags separate and you can stuff with a favorite blend and attach a little note. These knitted items are very special and something about hand-knit makes you think about Christmas.

Tea Towel

I have a growing fascination with beautiful tea towels. The towels that are crafted with certain fabric prints or screen printed are like adding a splash of art to any kitchen. A lovely organic cotton tea towel is also a gift most people won’t usually splurge on themselves. One of my Etsy favorites is Alison Tauber and I love these tea towels currently listed in her shop.

40 Reasons Why I Love You…

A very special item available at Green Planet Parties is the wooden notepad that has been hand-crafted and engraved with “40 Reasons Why I Love You…” Most classes have 20 children…why not purchase a notepad like this and have each of the children write down why they love their teacher? This notepad in particular is quite small which is good for two reasons: your child won’t need to dictate or write a novel and it’s a small keepsake that a teacher can tuck away to enjoy for many years without taking up much space.

Past gifts:

Group gifts for teachers are a wonderful way to give them something substantial and wonderful. They are usually more eco-friendly too because you are reducing the number of small trinkets the teacher’s will receive from each family. Collecting from an entire class is also less expensive for the families involved because small donations quickly adds up when lots of parents contribute. Last year I coordinated several group gifts for 3 of my children’s teachers and the class presented them with a family hand-stamped silver necklace. I have to say that the parents and teachers really loved these gifts. Especially because the names of their own children were stamped onto the necklaces and we also added the words family and love. Even a gift certificate to a gardening store, the Mall, or spa is a wonderful group effort for teacher’s gift ideas.

Whatever you do to honor your teachers this Christmas, ensure that you take the time to acknowledge and translate how much you appreciate and love the teachers in your life. When your children go off to school full days like my sons, you realize just how many hours they spend at school and I’m grateful for the care they receive while there. That for me is worth some extra attention at Christmas – what about you?




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