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Meals for Mums At Mommies On Main

Another inspiring day in the life of hanging with mom entrepreneurs.  I met so many lovely, Eco driven, knowledgeable moms at Mommies On Main today.  They’ve all created products that blossomed from their natural talent and passion from becoming a mother.  I got to spend a few minutes talking to Sarah, one of the talents behind Meals for Mums.   Is this company ever something!  The idea was ‘born’ when two Vancouver moms realized shortly after having babies, that friends and family stop bringing healthy, home-cooked meals by about week 4.  Working with two other women specializing in culinary arts and holistic nutrition, their company was started.  The goal is to create convenient food that is healthy, made from fresh, local, and when possible, organic ingredients.  So you can focus on being a busy mom (and wouldn’t this be amazing for mom’s that work outside of the home?) so you don’t have to feel guilty about quick and easy foods that are not healthy, but something we all do when schedules get busy.

They have incorporated so many other wonderful messages into this company.  Sarah mentioned that the majority of their clients opted to have their meals delivered in glass Pyrex dishes rather than plastic.  Concerns about plastic with food storage and thinking about reducing waste in the environment made this a standard feature of Meals for Moms.  Kudos on this environmentally responsible initiative by these moms – what a powerful message for other food establishments to hear.  When given the option, customers want to reduce waste for the environment, even paying extra to help our planet.

When you visit the Meals for Mums’ site, you can feel their passion for nutrition.  Like my nutritionist reference Jen, you can tell promoting healthy eating is their passion.  There is a section on their site that talks and educates customers about healthy eating.  I personally found the feeding a fussy eater article a good read!  Also, there’s a section that features a food of the month (spinach, rhubarb) with a description about why that item is healthy with an easy recipe to follow.  What an awesome feature for those of us who never think to try new ideas with our family (we just rotate the same 7 meals around here).

To begin ordering, you simply create a profile and start ordering meals.  This service is only available to certain areas of Vancouver, but I believe if you email about a surrounding area, Spud can assist with the delivery.  They have orders for large plates, kids food, lighter plates, and gift certificates!  Yummy…the smoked wild BC sockeye salmon pasta plate must be mine. The description and picture looks amazing. Wow – next time you visit your friend in the hospital with a new baby (or anyone facing a new challenge in life), take them a gift certificate instead of an expensive bouquet of flowers..wouldn’t that be the BEST thing ever?  Baby shower gift?  Helloo!  Offer your friend or loved one great nutrition as a way to send your congratulations.

I left this Mommies On Main symposium today, recharged that everyday moms are creating these magical businesses that help other families lead more sustainable and healthier lives.  A wonderful event that is well worth checking out for folks local to the Vancouver area.



Improving Kids Nutrition via Organic & Local Food

I’m just going to say it, and I’m fully expecting to hear your gasps from my computer chair… I don’t think I’ve ever bought organic food and I know I’ve never looked to see if a food item is produced locally.   There, I’ve said it and I feel SO much better.  

When I decided to ‘green’ up my family, I was already on a mission to educate myself and improve my kids’ nutrition.   My sons are always asking me to cook with them and my response is “mommy isn’t cooking….I’m heating things up!”   I really only make Shepard’s Pie from scratch…. everything else is heated or broiled in/on the stove.   I know changes need to come.

I’ve recently been SO inspired after listening to an amazing speaker, a nutritionist named Jen, who specializes in children’s eating habits and nutrition.  I’ve already started begging her to contribute to this site, as her message needs to be heard.  She touched on key points during her presentation of small things you can do to improve the large nutritional picture for your family.  Topics like what ingredients to look for on the packaging of brown bread, the importance of Vitamin D for kids, the top worst foods we feed our children, and when it’s important to buy organic.   I was glued to the information she was presenting and I only wish I had attended her presentation 4 years ago.  I would have done many things differently in my house….  

To kick start healthier habits for my clan, I’m excited to learn that my local Farmers Market begins in early May.  Canadians can check out their Farmers Markets via this site and Americans, click here. I am so excited to start weekly planning of fresh, local, organic, food and will be prioritizing this activity to the top of our busy list.  Weekends are pretty jammed packed with activities, birthday parties, church, but I think the kids will enjoy selecting and learning about where their food comes from.  They are already big fans of farms, so it won’t be hard to start the dialogue of why it is so important to support local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint that importing all our food increases. Local food doesn’t have to travel far, so this reduces carbon dioxide emissions and packing materials

These are the foods that Jen recommended are bought organically.  While I’m at my Farmers Market, I’ll have this list and be on the lookout for some of these local, organic products.  Thanks for this Jen!

Bell peppers



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