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Halloween Magic Potion Fun

Every year my kids look forward to creating magic potions at Halloween.  I’m usually against giving kids carbonated drinks, but using fizzy pop makes this magical potion come alive!  Try it out with your little one and enter the fun world of Halloween magic and make believe.

Ingredients for Magic Potion:

Witches Brew – Sprite
Moon Rocks – Pop Rocks candy
Rat Bones – q-tip or plastic bone
Alligator Eyes – green grapes
A Wart from A Bat or Witches behind – dark grapes
Frozen Body Parts – gummy worms frozen in water using ice cube trays
Ghost Noses – mini marshmallows

How To Create Your Potion:

Gather round a table and inform your children you have a special treat today….creating a magic potion.  First you add the sprite to a plastic goblet that you can find at most Halloween decorating stores (yes, it will probably contain BPA).  I discovered this year with my heightened awareness of phalates and BPA that most Halloween costumes, decorations, and fun food related plastics are loaded with these chemicals.  Good thing it’s only once a year!  <smile>  Next, add a spoonful of pop rocks candy.  Beware of the pop rocks exploding up to young children’s eyes, but if you make it past this step the affect is a wonderful fizzing and popping noise.  Next add the grapes, marshmallows, gummy worms and stir with your pretend bone while chanting “Hocus Pocus Ala Kazoom, help my tummy, not to go Boom!”  You or your child can drink the potion…it’s very sweet, but nothing harmful goes in.

Enjoy the magic of the Halloween season!!



Home Made & Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

A great question arrived recently via ‘Ask Suzanne’.  Here is a snippet:

“My kids love helping me clean the house, but I usually tell them that I am happy for their help but I don’t want them handling all those yucky cleaning products.  Do you know any good recipes for home made, eco and kid friendly cleaning solutions?”

I could not agree more.  I would love to hand my kids a rag when they follow me around wanting to help clean, but I don’t want them inhaling toxic products.  We all probably know the most common home made cleaning product – vinegar, but I’ve also included recipes that include baking soda, lemon juice, olive oil, and rubbing alcohol.  If anyone has other home made cleaning recipes that are favorites, please post them using the ‘comment’ feature.

I’m giddy after researching this question, because I had no idea vinegar has so many different uses.  I had no idea you can use it to kill weeds!  The front of my house is in need of a dandelion bombing, but I didn’t want to use toxic weed poison so this information is timely!  I’ll just fill up some squirt bottles with vinegar and let my boys have target practice….another eco friendly kid’s project.  Here are some other uses for vinegar:

Glass/window cleaner.  Mix 2 teaspoons white vinegar with 1 litre warm water to clean glass.  Use a soft cloth or crumbled newspaper to clean.  

Ant Repellent.  If you’re looking for an ant deterrent, white distilled vinegar is a natural product for this purpose when used to wipe counter tops, cabinets and floors.

Stainless steel appliance cleaner.  Apply vinegar to shammy or soft cloth and apply.

Fabric Softener.  Vinegar works great as a fabric softener substitute because it cuts detergent residue.  Add 1 cup of undiluted white vinegar in the rinse cycle – this is a good tip if you have a person with sensitive skin in your family.

Vinegar works as a deodorizer.  1 cup of apple vinegar set in a glass in the fridge will remove smells in 2 days.  Boil 1/4 cup white vinegar and mix with 1 cup water in the microwave and use to loosen food and it will deodorize at the same time.

White vinegar can be used to clean soap residue, bathtub film,  and toilet bowl stains.  3 cups of white distilled vinegar will deodorize your toilet if left for 1/2 hour.  Here is a recipe for toilet bowl cleaner:

Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar.
Pour into bowl and let sit for a few minutes. Scrub.

This has nothing to do with cleaning, but I thought this was brilliant!  Apparently vinegar can fix a worn DVD that has begun to skip or suffers from freeze-frame (seriously!).  You apply vinegar to a soft cloth and wipe the DVD, ensure it’s dry, then insert into DVD player.  Good god, could it be this easy?  This one I’ll be trying tomorrow…stay tuned.

Baking soda is another commonly used home made cleaning product.  Get your child to sit on your kitchen floor, give him/her cups of vinegar and a box of baking soda.  They will believe they are mixing a ‘magic potion’ because of the fizzle/mild explosion effect.  The bigger the mess, the better, because you can clean your floors with the spills after play time is over.  Angelo washed his pennies doing little potions for over an hour last week.  It was a great way for him to pass the time and it forced mommy to wash the floors. Continue Reading →



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