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Stainless Steel Alternative For Your Plastic Water Cooler

What a find!  Here is a stainless steel, plastic-free alternative for anyone missing their traditional plastic water cooler or dispenser. We’ve all used the plastic water coolers either located in a workplace office kitchen or as the drinking water system in our home.  These water coolers are top to bottom built with plastic and I’ve always wondered about the ‘filter’ within the system, not to mention the bottle containing the water might be made from polycarbonate plastic.  This is the type of number 7 plastic that leeches chemicals when used for liquids, gets broken down with use, or is heated.

It’s strange thinking back about paying to drink this ‘purified’ and ‘safe’ water.  My previous family doctor even told me not to drink tap water while pregnant.  Now in post-BPA world and reading about what water is actually the best to drink, tap water filter systems or just plain old tap water are proving to be the best bet.  Over the last year I know many friends after checking the recycling codes on their bottles and discovering they were coded 7, contacted the suppliers and found out the bottles did contain BPA.  For anyone with these traditional systems in your office or home, check what code is on top of the plastic bottle.  If it’s coded a number 7 (with the recycling arrows in a triangle around the number), you should call the company and check if it’s made from a polycarbonate plastic. If it is, this plastic is leeching BPA into your water.

Check out this practical and beautiful (!!) stainless steel system as a replacement.  Doesn’t it make you think cottage at the lake, Martha’s Vineyard?  Picture from Life Without Plastic site

The Life Without Plastic site lists this product as a liquid storage container for not only water but wine (hello!), honey, milk, oil, any type of liquid. What a wonderful piece to incorporate into entertaining company or a summer BBQ.  You can even fill it with tap water and let your family help themselves throughout the day.   This product called The Superfustinox is made and imported from Italy.  The European standards are the highest in the world for safety – nice to see a stainless steel product that isn’t being made in China.   A wonderful investment for summer time entertaining – I can speak from personal experience that wine tastes lovely from stainless steel.  <smile>

Available in fridge size (3 litre), medium (10 litre), and large (20 litre).  These stainless steel water storage systems sound and are functional but look romantic as images of the cottage (you may or may not own) come to mind.   Great find over at Life Without Plastic!



Life Without Plastic – Awesome Alternatives For The Kitchen!

Sounds like the story of my life these days!  The fallout from BPA and phthalate products has changed how all parents view plastic.  I still use my Ikea plastic plates for snacks for the kids, but other than that, I’ve really purged most of it from the bathroom and kitchen.  So when Leigh left a comment on my previous article called Plastic Food Alternative Solutions recommending a site called Life Without Plastic, my ears perked up. After checking out the site, I ordered four of their cereal bowls with stainless steel interior. I’ve included a picture of these bowls below. They are totally adorable and I wish I’d found them months ago because they are getting so much use! They are a little small for my oldest son’s cereal, but I’m finding them very handy for all the fruit and snacks all four insist having in separate bowls. They have a special on 2 pink bowls and 2 blue bowls…so for my clan this was perfect! I would highly recommend these for a 1st or 2nd birthday present for a child…or for that age bracket so they get good use out of them. With the plastic on the OUTSIDE of the bowls, it actually works well because you don’t have to worry if they slip out of little hands or off the table…they are not going to break easily.

The site also offers a product I’ve never seen for kids….a stainless steel mug that is double walled to protect hands against the heat and a stainless steel lid for the top. Very cute designs and characters on the outside. Again, what a cute present idea for toddlers getting away from bottles and sippies.

There are products for older kids and adults. The idea of litter-less lunches has really taken off for school aged kids. Read about one mom’s vision for this in the article about Green Fundraising. On the Life Without Plastic site, you’ll find stainless steel food storage containers that act as a lunch box, or sets of 4 airtight stainless steel containers all in different sizes, and Asian stainless steel lunch boxes that are in tiers of 2 and 3 layers. WOW – lots of options for lunches to bring to work or storing snacks for kids off to school for the day.  Oh yes and did I mention this company is Canadian!  I love saying that because it means no hidden shipping/duty/tax surprises when your order arrives.  They will ship to Canada and the US.



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