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Reusable, Hip, PVC-Free Snack & Food Bag Alternatives

Since writing my articles about PVC and having a newly heightened awareness of not wanting ‘poison plastic’ (#3) touching my kid’s food, I’ve been seeking alternatives.  The most immediate solution was to start using wax paper to wrap sandwiches (I was using cling wrap before!) and using it as a barrier when wrapping left over cheese, watermelon, etc. . . anything so my food is not touching the cling wrap.  This is working well from a toxic standpoint, but is very wasteful.  Well a beautiful and functional alternative came my way from Plum Creek Mercantile and I’m happy to have a great cloth alternative.  Photo of Sorbet Swirl Snack Bag courtesy of Plum Creek Mercantile site:

We all know I’m a huge fan of stainless steel lunch containers, but I wanted to give cloth snack bags a try.  They are a great option for sandwiches, dry snacks, and veggies.  I’m always on the go and with 4 children to keep snacks readily available for, I can’t fit a laptop lunchbox or tiered lunchbox into my purse. Well my new cotton snack bags have solved this problem!  They are the perfect size for crackers, sandwiches, trail mix, veggie sticks, and more. . . they also have very strong velcro closures so I’m not worried about loosing my snacks.  They are also made from the softest, most hip and beautiful fabrics I’ve seen in PVC-free snack bags!  These bags are made of 100% organic and regular cotton in a variety of fabric choices ~ perfect for boys or girls with Cool Robot or Sorbet Swirl designs.

Another great product from Plum Creek Mercantile is their bulk food bags. These cloth bags are perfectly suited for people that shop from bulk bins. Naturally beautifully selected cotton with a functional, non-toxic clear window so you can see what’s in the bag.  You are able to easily record a bin number or expiry date written with a grease pencil or dry erase marker that can easily be removed later. If you want some inexpensive Martha Stewart flair on your kitchen countertops ~ check out these affordable, stylish food bags. 



We all love a bargain and Plum Creek Mercantile is selling slightly dinged food bags for a discounted price!  A set of two bags in the organic tea dye fabric are only $15.99 (picture directly above).  Take advantage of bags that merely have creases in the window or uneven sewing.  The structure of the bag is still intact, making this bargain perfect for someone wanting to try out this new system for dry food storage.  Enjoy almost $10 in saving on the two bags!

So think of all those times you reach into your kitchen drawer to pull out the cling wrap or plastic sandwich bags when preparing snacks and lunch.  After introducing these reusable cloth snack bags into your routine, you will be amazed and delighted at the savings.  Not only are the bags wonderful for the environment, but you keep PVC plastic away from snacks, meals, and stored dry food that your children consume. What an incredible product to introduce to your family this summer and watch how kids naturally understand and embrace how another part of their lives changed from disposable to reusable in a fun, easy way!

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Laptop Lunchbox Contest Ends. 3-Tier Carrier Contest Begins!

The winner of the Laptop Lunchbox contest has closed and the winner has been contacted.  Thanks again to Green Hands Fundraising for supplying the prize. We have another awesome back-to-work / back-to-school product waiting in the wings.  Let the next contest begin!

Our friends over at Healthy Kitchenware have supplied Mommy Footprint with a 3-tier stainless steel carrier for our new contest.  This is another company founded to  assist consumers looking to purchase safe products for food storage.  Their mission statement says it all:  “To empower you to take charge of your health by providing cookware and storage containers made of materials that do not leach chemicals into food or drink.”  Here is a picture of the prize from the Healthy Kitchenware site:

To enter the contest, select the link below, and complete the form. In order to help ’spread the love’ please include a friend’s name and email address and they’ll be eligible to be entered into the contest too! Your friend will need to subscribe to the Mommy Footprint site to become eligible, but the sender of the form will automatically be eligible to win.


Only US and Canadian residents eligible. Contest will close September 15th.  To read an article about the featured prize, read Back-To-School In Tiers – But Ready For Lunch!



Back-To-School In Tiers – But Ready For Lunch!

Many people have heard me “eeeeeeep” before. It’s a high pitched scream that comes out of my mouth after finding an amazing new discovery; beautiful children’s clothing, awesome new toy find, new product for GPP, you get the picture.  Well I had an “eeeeeeep” moment yesterday after receiving a stainless steel lunch carrier in the mail. I have seen these 2 and 3-tier lunch systems in many stores online, but assumed because of their size and design, they were strictly for adults to use.  Well thanks to the incredible store called Healthy Kitchenware, I’ve tried out the 2-tier with Francesco at soccer camp today, and my younger son was in tears that it couldn’t stay home with him.  <smile>  Let’s just say it’s a hit!

Picture source: Healthy Kitchenware site

Firstly I want to point out that the estore Healthy Kitchenware has been finding better alternatives to plastic before the BPA scare and before it became ‘trendy’ to use stainless steel and glass.  The co-founder, Cynthia, was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2005 and she decided to change her lifestyle and completely eliminate all plastic her food and drink came in contact with.  When trying to remove any traces of the plasticizers within products, she couldn’t find many stainless steel or glass alternatives.  This is how the company was born.  I found this very inspirational and wanted to share this about the company’s start-up.  Okay now back to my “eeeeeep”…

Healthy Kitchenware sent us a 2-tier lunch carrier.  Before I saw the product in my hands, I assumed it was for adults because it’s hard to tell the size or measurements from pictures.  Well – it is adorable for young children, FUN (they think it’s time to camp with this lunch-kit), and a great size.  I would recommend getting the 3-tier system for school lunches, but the 2-tier is great for sports or snacks.  Kids love their food being separated into different compartments:  sandwich/salad, fruit, cheese/crackers, etc. I saw the buckles and latches and thought this might be an issue for my preschooler and 6 year old.  Nope!  They loved using the system which involves undoing the latch, removing the stainless steel bowls, then stacking them back, replacing the lid, and doing the latch back up.  It’s like using the camping equipment we had as children.  Funny that modern day ‘must have’ products for kid’s food and drink could have been purchased at camping equipment stores 30 years ago.  Here is an image of the 3-tier system: Continue Reading →



Back-To-School Lunch Tips and A Waste-Free School Initiative

Parents with children returning to school need to get ready to pack roughly 200 lunches for school days this year. That doesn’t include snacks for after school activities or sports.  The website Waste Free Lunches can help with it’s emphasis on packing healthy, well planned lunches, as well as helping the environment by eliminating single use plastic bags and wrapping. 

The two moms behind this website and the creators of the laptop lunchbox also wrote a book that is included with your purchase of these bento-style boxes.  It was written to help guide parents and inspire nutritious, earth-friendly lunch ideas.  There is a sampling of these ideas on the Laptop Lunches site. Sending your child back-to-school with a waste-free lunchbox is a great way to start the school year and go the extra mile by reducing waste and renewing your commitment to your child’s health.   In light of the recent issue with traditional lunch boxes testing high for lead and other toxic substances, this custom solution with bisphenol-A-free polypropylene square boxes and lids, and a phthalates-free carrying case is wonderful to ease your mind that your child is eating from a non-toxic product.

I noticed something on their web site that inspires parents with taking the waste-free concept to a higher level. Looking to make a difference in your school and help the planet – what about starting a waste-free lunch program at your school? I would never suggest a concept that is incredibly difficult to coordinate or manage, but this seems pretty easy!  This would be an incredible school initiative! 

“A waste-free lunch program is a process of educating students, parents, and school staff about where our trash ends up and how we, as individuals, can reduce the amount of trash we generate. Waste-free lunch programs favor the use of reusable food containers, drink containers, utensils, and napkins. They discourage the use of disposable packaging, such as prepackaged foods, plastic bags, juice boxes and pouches, paper napkins, and disposable utensils.”

Source: Waste Free Lunches  Read the comparison between a disposable lunch vs. a reusable waste free lunch. Continue Reading →



Back-To-School Contest!

So fun! We are having another contest at Mommy Footprint. This time the theme is back-to-school…a subject we are trying to cover with articles highlighting products that are non-toxic and safe for children, while also being kind to the environment. Our friends over at Green Hands have supplied one of the most popular back-to-school lunch systems – a Laptop Lunchbox as the prize!

To enter the contest, select the link below, and complete the form. In order to help ’spread the love’ please include a friend’s name and email address and they’ll be eligible to be entered into the contest too! Your friend will need to subscribe to the Mommy Footprint site to become eligible, but the sender of the form will automatically be eligible to win.


Only US and Canadian residents eligible. Contest will close August 31st.



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