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Tupperware Items Made From #7 Plastic

In your purge of kitchen plastics, you might have noticed that Tupperware products are not coded with resin codes.  This is because Tupperware products have a lifetime guarantee and were not intended for recycling (hence they were not labeled with recycling codes). In a time where parents are concerned about what types of plastic holds their food and beverages, I wanted to find out what types of plastic they use. Here is what I emailed Tupperware:

I noticed your products do not have recycling codes on the bottom. What type of plastic is Tupperware made from. Is it BPA free? If not, do you have a recall list of products?

I received lots of good information back from their representative that anyone can view on their website.  From their response I have good news and bad news about Tupperware.  Which would you like first?  Continue Reading →



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