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Green Gift Ideas For Under $10 This Valentine’s Day

I thought I’d write something light in between the serious posts about Phthalates and BPA chemicals (I don’t want depressed readers)  <smile>.  What better way than to highlight fun and unique products for gift ideas for the little lovies in your life this Valentines Day.  I’m keeping the suggestions under the $10 range because let’s face it, nobody seems to have excess money in their wallets this year.  With these picks, you don’t have to break the bank and you’ll be giving your children sustainable and special gifts that will last past the first 3 minutes of your child opening it.  Chocolate is a favorite for kids to receive, but I’ve noticed my kids act like wild animals after eating chocolate lately…if I could by-pass three hours of all four running around my house in a frenzy, I will look at other options ~ and I have found them!  Here are my picks for Valentines Day and I’m not the only website talking about them.  

By far the best product for little girls, sourced by Green Planet Parties, is Piggy Paint!  I’ve written about this biodegradable nail polish previously as I love the concept of an all-natural nail polish and nail polish remover.  Green Planet Parties carries the pink polish called ‘forever fancy’ and this would be the ultimate gift for any little girl this Valentines Day. And moms will love the fact it’s a safe alternative to traditional polish that is actually very toxic.  Check out other sites singing the praise for this product!

Girls are so easy to buy for at Valentines ~ love, hugs, smiles, kisses ~ that’s what little girls are made of.  These words and little girls are just a natural fit with the Valentines theme of love.  Incorporate these words into hair accessories and rings.  Want a lovely gift for your special little girl for under $5?  Easy with the incredible pony tail holders, hair bands, and rings brought in especially for Valentines this year at Green Planet Parties.  These fabric covered buttons make the jewelry unique and safe from the lead-related statistics we see regarding the high levels of this compound in girl’s dress-up jewelry.  Check out this picture of a hair band and be inspired:


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Home Made Christmas Crackers & Nature Activities

I’ve recently noticed what the contents of Christmas crackers are…I had no idea they were filled with dollar store quality toys.  A very cute concept for kids, but really, another example of a small way you can re-vamp a Christmas tradition that can reduce some waste and plastic.  By tweaking the cracker and making it yourself – you keep the fun, but help make your Christmas become a little more sustainable.

My mom told me about a neighborhood tradition when I was younger that I thought was such a cute idea.  Take an empty toilet paper roll, fill with something yummy or sustainable to create home made Christmas crackers. There are sites or even Michaels that could tell you how to make a cracker with the ‘cracker piece’ that makes the pop noise, but I would never attempt in such detail with my clan.  But if you are feeling so inclined, there is a great site called Not Martha and they have detailed instructions for making your own party crackers (with the pop).

My boys have the attention span of 4 minutes to start and finish a craft, but that’s all you need to make your own cracker.  Take a toilet paper roll, fill with all natural nail polish, hair accessories, organic chocolate, etc., and wrap in either seed paper or tissue paper.  Tie off each end with hemp string and presto.  Get your children to write guests names on a label or directly on the cracker and it’s your place setting for Christmas dinner.

A few other nature based, holiday crafts that I found so inspiring come from my favorite outdoor site Green Hour and a blog that contributes to the Green Hour site occasionally called Nature For Kids. Check out the nature box that Shawna and her kids made – what an awesome rainy day (or snow day) activity for indoors.  Also, check out her latest post on making a pine-cone bird feeder. A really cute and easy activity for all ages..could also be a unique holiday present. My only advice would be to hang it really high in a tree so that bears or other wildlife don’t find it first. But, a really cute eco activity that I know my kids would all love and if we get snowed in for another day tomorrow, I’ll be looking for fun ways to keep them entertained.

Don’t forget to enter the Mommy Footprint give-away.  Enter to win wall art from Raspberry Kids.  Read details here or click the below link to complete contest form:




Be Inspired, Shop & Save On Wonderful Stocking Stuffers & Gifts

Part of the mission when Green Planet Parties started was to source sustainable, well priced, and fun goodie bag options.  What does this mean this time of year for busy parents?  A very easy way to purchase wonderful, quality stocking stuffers and gifts for children.  Whether it’s a gift swap with little friends or trying to stick to a budget for your own children, Green Planet Parties is the place to shop.  A discount code has been created for all Mommy Footprint subscribers to receive 10% off their order!  This will expire on December 15th. Simply click on the following URL and shop  and the 10% if automatically deducted from your order.  There is no special code to input at checkout  – just click here:

http://www.greenplanetparties.com?code=Mommy Footprint

What are the hot items, perfect for stocking stuffers?  Here are our top picks from practical items, nature inspired, favs for girls and favs for boys …things your kid needs, but they’ll actually enjoy receiving!

Practical items:
♦ Stainless steel ‘first’ cup and feeding bowls: ranging from $7.50-$8.50
♦ BILT water bottles available in pink space bear and blue robot designs: $14 each
♦ Jean totes for girls: $12.50 each and perfect to carry a favorite treasure or snack
♦ Zippered coin purse with doggy design: $6

Nature Inspired:
♦ Wonderful books that capture the beauty of nature and promote children getting back to learning about trees and animals. Top picks are:
~ Jasmine The Butterfly Girl priced at $6.00
~ The Gaia Girls priced at $14.50 – great for the 9+ age
~ The Lorax priced at $16.50.  This Dr. Suess classic is perfect for ages 3-99….a must read at any age.
♦ Nothing says nature like giving a Tree In A Box.  Only $6.00 each – perfect in size & price for a stocking!
Made By Me Wooden Toy kits – sold individually for the stocking or in a box set, both with great price points and a wonderful activity/toy/craft for ages 3-6!  Race car or trucks are $4.75 and box sets are $15.00 with 4 wooden vehicles to paint, hammer, glue, and color!

Just for Girls:
♥ Give the girl on your list a magical, personalized tile necklace.  Nothing like a new piece of jewelry to make a little girl happy!
♥ New to the GPP site are hair accessories.  Ponytail holders with names like ‘Hedgehogs at Play’, ‘Wink! Matryoshka Doll’ or ‘Deer Friend’ you can feel the magic of this product.  Only $4.00 each – these belong in every little girls stocking.  Also, headbands for ages 2 – adult.  These functional and fun headbands come in three fun prints (love the retro ladybugs) and have been sourced locally on Vancouver Island. Price is $5.25 each.
♥ Aprons to get messy in the kitchen or for fun in the craft room.  GPP has sourced cute fabric (in Christmas theme too) to keep your little missy clean while ‘helping’.  Priced great at $12.50 each.

Just for Boys:
♥ New to the GPP site are Automoblox!  Recently described as ‘Playtime Rocks With Automoblox’ in the latest product review by Kindervibe, GPP is stocked with minis C9 Sportcar perfect for a boy’s stocking and the full-size M9 Sportvan comes with hours of fun with it’s interchangeable parts and 8 passengers. Minis price are $9.95 and full-size Automoblox are $38.00.
Endangered animal necklace that comes with the option to customize – all boys love these rugged and tough tiles…nobody is going to call this jewelry!  Necklaces are $12.95 each – a very special gift.
♥ Roll up a tough camouflage explorer bag and tie with string and card!  Boys now have a way to cart around their favorite possessions…book, water bottle, snack.  Great price at $11.00!

Full-sized Sportvan Model

With about 4 shopping weeks left until the magic of Christmas morning arrives for our families, take advantage of the 10% discount and purchase some special gifts. Don’t forget to wrap sustainably and add seed wrapping paper (plant and watch flowers bloom) or Santa Sacks to your order.  Reuse Santa Sacks every year or enjoy the eco activity of planting seed wrapping paper with your kids after the mayhem of Christmas morning is over.

New & Just in time for Gift Giving:

Save a tree and try GPP’s Santa Sacks. Cotton draw string gift bags in 2 sizes and 4 fabrics that are just for Christmas. Start an earth-friendly tradition this year by reusing these Santa Sacks in your family each year instead of buying and using traditional wrapping paper or gift bags. They also make a wonderful (green) presentation of hostess gifts and gifts for friends! Santa Sacks are $3.00 for small and $4.25 for large.

‘Of the earth’ Seeded Gift Wrap that is not only naturally beautiful looking, but also gives a second gift long after the gift has been opened. Plant this paper in your garden and wild flowers will bloom from the imbedded seeds. How magical is that? Two prints to choose from – 2 ~ 20” x 30” sheets for $8.00.



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