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First Visit To Local Farmers Market

My quest for local and organic food continues…today marked the kick-off as my clan descended on our local farmers market.  With the weather becoming warmer, you naturally start craving more fruit and raw veggies. All my kids turn into little lawn mowers when corn on the cob comes in season and is added to their dinner plates. 

What a wonderful, simple, relaxed atmosphere at the market.  Vendors are so friendly and helpful with questions – it was a great experience.  We left with some tomato plants and hand-made hair bands for the girls.  Unfortunately, there was only 1 vendor selling produce, because it’s been so cold locally, fruits and veggies will need a few more weeks.  But the discussions with the kids about supporting local farms is wonderful.  I know my kids are learning and embracing this new lifestyle of finding sustainable solutions. I sometimes feel like I have future little Suzuki’s budding and it makes me proud. If you are looking to increase your knowledge about eating locally, the book Eat Here is a highly recommended source: Eat Here: Homegrown Pleasures in a Global Supermarket

The fact that the average North American meal travels 2,400 km from farm to plate (as our polar bear friends are discovering), the huge impact of climate change has become significant.  The transportation of food has a significant negative impact globally and to think in my local region…we have over 5,000 farms!  Supporting our local farms is important for reducing our carbon footprint, and the food is tastier, healthier, and contributes to a more successful regional economy.  To find local, sustainable, organic food sources within a small radius of your home, use the postal code finder from the Eat Well Guide and open your options to a great selection of farms, stores, restaurants, online shopping , bakeries, etc.  So even though my farmers market didn’t have the produce I was hoping for, I’m happy to wait until it’s ready on the farms and I can try out some online shopping for organic. That is a very easy alternative and they deliver. 

Need more reasons to shop locally?  Here are 10 more reasons to buy local.



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