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Eco-Me 100% Natural To Clean Your Home

I’ve loved reading about the Eco-Me company that has embraced the notion that you can clean your home without harmful chemicals.  The Eco-Me company has many cool concepts in their lineup: 100% All Natural Home Products, Body Products, Baby Products, and Pet Products.  Eco-Me provides the tools and key ingredients to make these chemical-free products and you have peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients are being sprayed and used in your home. 

I receive a lot of questions about home-made eco friendly cleaners and if the baking soda mixed with vinegar solution simply isn’t cutting through the grime, the Eco-Me kit might be your ticket!  This kit is designed to heighten consumer awareness of what ingredients go into their cleaner.  They provide the key ingredient of Eco-Me essential oil, but items such as vinegar, baking soda, oil, and water comes from your kitchen.  You can trust by adding these every-day ingredients that the cleaners are safe for your family and pets and you’ll produce a natural all-purpose spray cleaner, wood polish, and scrub cleaner.  The essential oil that Eco-me provides is 100% natural and assists with removing dirt, mildew, mold, and is made from tea tree, lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary.  If you’ve suffered from headaches after cleaning with traditional products ~ you are suffering from chemical overload.  The Environmental Protection Agency quotes “the average home contains as much as 25 pounds of toxic cleaning products”. 

I’ve been hearing amazing buzz about these kits for months, so imagine my excitement to discover Nayla Natural Care sells Eco-Me kits for the home and pampering baby.  What awesome and original baby shower gifts these would be!  Personally, I love the idea of being able to mix this with my kids because it is all natural and they enjoy helping clean side-by-side with Mommy. (I know, it’s eerie…they didn’t inherit the clean gene from me.)

Picture source from Nayla Natural Care:

Kit includes:

1 natural fiber storage bag
2 spray bottles for mixing spray cleaner and polish
1 jar of mixing scrub cleanser
1 natural bristle scrub brush
1 handy mixer
1 microfiber cleaning cloth
1 bottle of Eco-Me Essential Oil
Easy to follow direction about how to mix with ingredients to clean with right from your own kitchen



Gaia Natural Baby Lends A Hand With Childhood Eczema

My daughter Isabella has seasonal childhood eczema.  I don’t know what causes it, but in the winter it flares up and causes rough patches all over her body, face, back, hips, and chest.  To watch her scratch last year and say “Mommy itchy, mommy owwie” was hard because she was only 1 year old and she was my first child to suffer with sensitive skin.  She doesn’t have food allergies and with last year being SO much worse, I’ll attribute her continual flare-up to the personal care products we used on her skin and chemicals we’ve since removed from our household.  Products like shampoo, soap, clothes detergent and dryer sheets, previously laced with fragrance and toxic chemicals, now replaced with fragrance free, eco-friendly, or all natural products.  And don’t get me started about toxic dryer sheets – I discovered they never belonged or served a purpose in my home.

I’d like to focus on a new line-up of products that were introduced to me by Gwen, the owner of Nayla Natural Care.  The product line is from Gaia Natural Baby and she thought of me instantly because I’m always on the look-out for safe, natural products to use on Isabella.  I first became a fan of hers when I noticed she carried very inexpensive BPA free, ice-cube trays for storing baby food.  Ever since writing about this product, Gwen and I have a wonderful rapport because her product knowledge on natural products is outstanding!  She is happy to consult, share, and even point you to a different company or product she doesn’t carry if it can help you.  I trust her product selection and am proud that she’s a fellow Canadian mompreneur making a difference with offering babies, children and moms a line-up of products you can trust.

Gaia Natural Baby is a certified organic brand, made in Australia, started by a family that couldn’t use any traditional products on their child suffering from eczema at 8 weeks old.  They were started in 2002 which makes them a grandpappy company in the world of organic personal care companies.   She too was told cortisone was the only way to treat her son’s sensitive skin (I was told the same thing), an answer she refused to listen to and Gaia Natural Baby was born.  Ingredients are listed on the bottle and rather than the words nobody can pronounce and alcohol being listed, you’ll see:

Certified Organic Calendula Extract ~ Certified Organic Chamomile Extract ~ Certified Organic Evening Primrose Oil ~ Certified Organic Avocado Oil ~ Certified Organic Shea Butter ~ Certified Organic What Germ Oil ~ Certified Organic Lavender Pure Essential Oil ~ Certified Organic Sweet Orange Pure Oil

All things you know are natural – I even got a little hungry while typing that out! <grin>  When Gwen mentioned the lavender scent with the Gaia brand I was hesitant because lavender smell gives me an instant headache…but I agreed because Isabella’s skin has been breaking out in recent weeks.  I’ve been very happy to discover that the scent is lovely and very light; from the shampoo, to the body wash/bubble bath, to the skin moisturizer, just a wonderful, natural and soft experience.  Oh my gosh and the delight that my girls experienced with having bubbles in their tub again after many months in bubble-free water was so fun to watch!  The just loved it and the bath water stayed very moisturizing and the shampoo is fantastic!  Isabella is able to have her hair washed and her skin moisturized in a comfortable, natural way.

So Gaia Natural Baby isn’t joining the fight against childhood eczema, it probably was one of the leaders.  I’m thankful to Gaia Natural Baby’s founder, a mother that decided to trust her instincts and create a company to help her child and many more as a result.  Thanks to Gwen for sourcing these items and telling me about Gaia. 

Nayla is starting to grow and branch out into the natural Eco-Me cleaning kits I keep hearing such good things about.  A truly wonderful store to check out for Valentines Day for that expectant mom or little person deserving these and many other natural gems!  Check out their new arrivals – perfect to kick start Valentines or baby shower planning.



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