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One-Of-A-Kind Mother’s Day

When I first saw the hand painted notebooks from local artist April Lacheur I instantly knew what my Mother’s Day pick would be.  These days, who can resist an affordable, one-of-a-kind, unique, hand painted, and locally supported artist and beautiful mother’s day gift?  Certainly I can’t, and when you check out her amazing portfolio (right down to her signature tree trunks) you’ll understand my excitement. And for those Mommy Footprint readers that aren’t local to my West Coast roots, April has done her sourcing of the notebooks locally so if you are ordering them from another Province or State, she’s already looked after keeping the footprint light.

First a small glimmer into the product that caught my eye and inspired me to write about these notebooks.  Most of you know I’m a very practical person and I think the price point for these usable and unique pieces of art is great!  The journals come lined or un-lined and can be found here on April’s site and were sourced at Those Great Little Books that have a very cool and eco story all on their own! Read the story about Sandy’s Book and you’ll quickly understand the very cool things this company can do with notebook design and creativity! Back to April – check out these amazing functional (and original) journal covers with her lovely hand painted designs.  Just a perfect gift for a busy mom who would love the first page to be filled with notes from her husband or children about why she is special.

While you are on April’s site you might also notice her hand painted totes – another great gift idea(PVC-free) for mom this year with another great price point under $30.

It’s also very cool to watch the evolution of April’s paintings. Her latest from her Facebook updates is just wonderful and fills me with happiness. This is what the West Coast has looked like over the past few weeks with the beautiful cherry blossoms…combined with the whimsical tree trunks that are truly April’s signature:

My thanks to April for the earthy inspiration and for helping us learn that words like local, hand crafted, hand painted, and unique don’t have to be translated into the word expensive.

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Earthy Easter Inspiration

Sometimes we all need a little ‘earthy inspiration’ surrounding holidays that are surrounded in plastic packaging, plastic gifts, commercialism, and loads of artificially coloured & sweetened goodies. When researching this article, it was amazing the physical effect these pictures and products had on my body – I felt my stress just melt away so I wanted to share. There are some seriously talented people that contribute earthy magic to Easter this year.  Enjoy!

Wonderful article from Green Baby Guide on naturally dying Easter eggs with using beautiful silhouettes of nature. My clan will be working on some fern prints tomorrow – we just mastered the white crayon and dye technique today.

naturally dyed easter eggs with print

My favourite writer and artist this Easter has been the Linda behind the blog Natural Suburbia where she shares her patterns and thoughts on homeschooling with a waldorf based curriculum.  Her adorable creations are so special because they embrace the classic waldolf styles, but also have ‘kid appeal’ that children would love and want to play with. Get ready to be relaxed and inspired.

Hand Knit Easter egg tutorial and Egg tree instructions:

hand made knit easter eggs

Felted bird nest tutorial:

felted hand made robin nest

Angora knit bunny from her shop for purchase:

angora hand knit bunny



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