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Planting Peas

If there is one thing I’ve learned is to never doubt you can inspire someone. When I feel like there is no possible way other people don’t already know the information I’m writing about, I’m always proven wrong by a lovely email or comment thanking me for the article. So while I feel like many of you probably already know how to plant peas – I’m very proud of this gardening project we’ve just completed with my sweet nine year old son and thought I’d share it. I find gardening tutorials a lot like cooking – sometimes pictures are a lot more helpful than words. So I’ve been snapping pictures through the process and the final image ending with pea shoots that are starting to come through the soil. I didn’t know that growing food was going to be this fun. At every new corner with our garden, the excitement builds and I’ve never loved my yard or house more! Here is our project with the peas and since the seeds go right into the ground (don’t have to be grown indoors first), you still have time to start your own with these easy steps!

Since peas or beans like to climb, we decided to grow our peas along the walkway of our house because it gets the most sun. We also replaced the dirt. We haven’t planted anything new since moving in and I knew the quality of the soil wasn’t great. We used potting soil with a little sea soil and refilled this area:

After the new soil was laid, we decided to soak the peas overnight to give them a little head start with germinating. We put the heirloom seeds we purchased from West Coast Seeds between paper towels and watered them. This process softened the peas before we put them into the ground.

We purchased bamboo and plastic rods and made teepees. You just tie the top with hemp string and then separate the bottom of the sticks to accommodate the space you have. We used four sticks per bundle because our walkway is narrow.

Around each of the poles we dug little holes (up to my knuckle) and placed a pea or two in each hole.

We planted these peas last week and they are already shooting up giving our walkway a beautiful contrast of green against the new, rich soil. Who knew that soil could be so beautiful? I love to see the fresh soil with only the tops of something WE grew coming through. People always told me that peas and beans are easy to grow. It’s really one of those things that until you try you just don’t know. And yes, it’s very easy to do. But more than easy it’s been really relaxing, fun, and the excitement I’ve been sharing with my younger children has been awesome!

We just planted the carrots tonight and there is more planting coming. We don’t know what we are doing – but asking questions and trying new things is always a good thing. And if there is food at the end of this rainbow – mission accomplished. And if there isn’t? Mission accomplished too because I have tried something I’ve wanted to do with my kids for years. And if I didn’t have to replace all my soil – this would have been a very budget friendly Spring project! Super excited to figure out how to plant the tomatoes we’ve been germinating inside for months! My front room is starting to look like a grow-op! Stay tuned, I hear tomato planting for this region is supposed to be this weekend.  I’ve got some grass to remove and then some of these plants can go in . . I mean really, who needs a lawn when you can grow food?



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