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What is BPA?

Can I just start off by saying I feel so bad for first time parents?  I’ve been researching and reading about the chemical BPA in plastics for months and I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around the terms and codes.  Between this, toy recalls, vaccination controversy…my heart just goes out to you.  If you are hearing the term ‘BPA’ for the first time, please read on and hopefully this article will help you.

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a component of epoxy resins that are used to line food cans and to make hard plastic polycarbonate bottles and containers.  Why is this substance in the news?  Many reports and studies are proving that BPA is leaching through plastic and this can lead to health concerns for your family.  BPA is linked to breast and prostate cancer and neurobehavioral changes in offspring exposed in the womb.  The Today Show describes the affects as being primarily reproductive and fertility in both male and female organisms.  

The chances of this chemical leaching are higher if you are heating or storing food/liquid in the plastic for long periods of time.    BPA raises special concerns because numerous studies have found it to be toxic at exposure levels equivalent to or even below the amounts detected in people.

Plastics to avoid:

#3 PVC – phthalates (hormone disruptor)
#7 polycarbonate – bisphenol-A (hormone disruptor)
#6 polystyrene – styrene – possible human carcinogen

The better plastics are:
polypropylene (#5)
polyethylene (#1,#2,#4).
The containers need to be discarded if they get worn down, degraded, overused etc.

What items contain BPA?
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