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5 Tips For Hosting An Eco Party

My baby girls turned 8 years old and to celebrate we headed to their happy place Aldor Acres Farm in Langley. Not only were we blessed to host this party at this amazing farm, Raeleigh from Lark Rise Horse House Photography joined us to capture pictures and memories. I highly recommend bringing a photographer to special parties, especially if they are hosted outside.  The natural lighting, nature backdrop and that ‘eye’ that talented photographers have makes all the difference from snapping your own pictures. And it allows you to truly enjoy the day and be in the moment, rather than concentrating on working a phone/camera. Follow both of these businesses here and here because what they share on Facebook, will bring you many smiles.


There is no reason for parties to generate more waste than practices in your everyday life. If you have an environmental commitment, it’s easy to incorporate these values into hosting a really fun Eco party!

5 Tips For Hosting An Eco Party

1) Limit Waste. You are hosting a party, not contributing to mass consumerism so why is a party any different than the rest of your life? Try to limit garbage. Especially if hosting at a park or farm, you don’t want to leave the event with a trunk load of garbage. We requested party guests bring reusable water bottles and used compostable tableware; palm plates, recycled napkins and wooden cutlery. We also requested no gifts which really helped limit non-recyclable gift wrap and plastic toy packaging.  The twins have special reusable party banners so this also limits disposable waste from cheap decorations.


2) Re-think Goodie Bags. It’s easy to hit a dollar store and fill up a little bag of trinkets, but there are so many ways to send guests home with a give-away that is fun and eco-friendly. At this party we brought hanging baskets and the kids potted strawberry plants. They also received a little treat in a handmade bunny bag, but hopefully this summer when they see the first signs of strawberries, they’ll remember our party and their introduction to planting.


3) Eco Party Games. Classic party games are always a huge hit. We started with an egg toss and since we were at the farm, we had lots of space. I can’t believe it was my kids first time doing an egg toss and to increase the fun we didn’t boil them first. One of my sons ended up with egg on his face and hair..it was awesome! This was the most popular game and we had to buy more eggs from Aldor Acres because they wanted to keep playing. We continued with sack races (old coffee burlap bags) and three-legged race using ties my husband doesn’t use anymore. The burlap sacks and ties gave the games a cool vintage vibe. The classic party games are always amazing..kids yearn for simple things. Fun party memory was all the kids watching the dads have a sack race.




4) Host a Donation Party. As parents we feel guilty about many things. Since my twins have older siblings that only have donation parties, I started the girls early in life with no gift parties. Then last year I felt guilty that they didn’t have the experience of opening gifts and switched it to a gift party. I was quickly reminded of that huge layer of waste when party guests bring gifts. From the gift wrap to plastic packaging  – it’s a lot. We switched back to a donation party this year and it was amazing. We will be donating the money collected to tinykittens – a foster home for rescue cats and kittens. My twins love holding and watching kittens, so they are very excited to visit and deliver their donations to this amazing place and sponsor a healthy kitten from birth to adoption.

5) Give an Experience. I love hosting parties where guests get to experience something new or get a close look at things my family loves. From our love of Harry Potter, indoor rockwall climbing, forest fairy walks and scavenger hunts, to now sharing the magic of Aldor Acres. I love to watch the excitement from my usually introverted twins build and become contagious with their friends about party themes. When you love where and what you doing, so will the people around you. How often do you get to participate in a goat parade and help herd them? This along with holding lots of baby bunnies, goats, lambs,  hay ride, and having space to run and play with your friends. . . kids love it. And don’t be fooled, even the teenagers that come to the farm with us love it. There is no age limit bonding with animals and spending time outside.


I think you would be surprised how happy a farmer would be to share their little bit of heaven with a birthday party. With the Spring and Summer months now here, think about booking your next party outside. Thank you to Lark Rise Horse House for capturing so many moments in time that I’ll want to remember forever. Also, Farmer Melissa and Katie for being incredible role models for my daughters. My kids know that behind the smiling faces that greet them at Aldor Acres Farm are very hard working farmers and it’s important to support such a valuable resource. Thank you for being amazing stewards for farmers in BC’s Fraser Valley.



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Beeswax & Leaves – Preserving Fall Memories

If you ask me what my favorite smell is – I will say beeswax. So thinking of a Fall craft that includes melted beeswax really appealed to me. I’ve also been trying to find a way to preserve pieces of nature we collect on our various outings. Fall is especially magical because of the leaves, pinecones, acorns, etc. that are everywhere you look! When there are beautiful pieces of nature constantly around us – there is rarely time I’m tempted to purchase keepsake items after visiting a new farm, pumpkin patch, etc. A rock or leaf is more of a precious memory holder than new toy or gadget.  Here are the steps to preserving nature with the memory written on the back with beeswax. Have a little swoon at the trail (below picture) we collected the 10K leaf from and then we’ll start with the ‘how to’.

I love leaves. I’m one of those people that stops and swoons while walking and during this Fall season the abundance of beautiful colors, shapes, and types of leaves is stunning – especially here on the West Coast. I recently started telling the kids to collect a special leaf on our Fall outings. I’ve seen crafts for making leaf mobiles or wreaths by dipping the leaves in melted beeswax and I thought putting a spin on it with marking memories with the leaves would be special. We’ve managed three really special events recently and for each we collected leaves: 1) a visit to our local pumpkin patch with friends 2) a trip to Aldor Acres farm that has baby bunnies, kittens, piglets and many more farm animals and fun activities 3) walk-a-thon at our school. The walk-a-thon is actually quite special because my 8 year old son signed himself up to run the 10k with the older kids. I had to volunteer to run too because we weren’t sure if he could make the entire 10k being his first time. Like many amazing memories that I have from life – my son Angelo and I completed the 10k together and it was a big milestone for him, really showing that he can do anything he puts his mind to. As we entered the 9th k of the run, it started to get tough and I told Angelo to collect a leaf from the trail. (above picture) He did and that is why you see a leaf in the last picture marked 10k. A special way to preserve that memory and a keepsake for him that won’t crumple when the leaf dries.

How to preserve leaves in beeswax

It’s recommend to use a crock pot or double boiler to melt your block of beeswax. Being that I’m a renegade ‘crafter’ of sorts, I did this a little differently. I collected an aluminum can from the recycling and placed it in boiling water in a pot on the stove. I then purchased 2 thick, large beeswax candles from my local organics store. I also had little bits of beeswax from leftover birthday candles that I also melted down. I removed the wick from all of the candles by cutting them in pieces and placed all of the hard beeswax into the can. It would be much easier if you have a local source to purchase a block or brick of beeswax!

Your leaves do not have to be perfectly flat unless you want them to. Flatten them in a book for a couple of days if you want a flat look. I wanted a natural look and was fine with my leaves already curling – it looks really cool actually! Have your leaves already labed by a Jiffy pen with the memory you want to preserve. e.g. date and location (Pumpkin Patch Oct /12), etc.

I watched the beeswax and once it melted I started dipping leaves. I placed the leaves on cardboard from recycling to dry or you can use wax/parchment paper. Try not to use too much beeswax when coating your leaves or it might pool and will harden quickly on the leaves. You want a thin but thorough coating and you can just hold the leaf stem and dip. I wouldn’t let kids do this part. It’s really not necessary and could result in a burn. Here is my aluminum can in a boiling pot setup:

The scent in my house was heavenly from the beeswax! The leaves look gorgeous and I can’t think of a more magical Fall activity. We will make more leaves and thread yard through the stems to create a fall wreath or mobile of memories by the end of October. Every Fall outing have kids pickup leaves and write their memories on the back while the leave are still fresh. Preserve the memory through their eyes and you’ve got a magical keepsake to remember and save.

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