Sending A Paper Card Without ‘Green’ Guilt

Thank you to Aliisa who sent me the link to this edgy, fun artist. A talented mom has found a way for people to send paper cards without feelings of guilt about waste or recycling. The card is called REUSEM and they are attractive and funky. These cards are designed to be used 10 times and you simply write the date and occasion on the history chart inside, write a personal message, then the next person repeats the process…9 more times. Who doesn’t like to looky loo at other people’s thoughts or flash-back to past memorable events?

How fun would it be within your family or mom circle to send a REUSEM around?  That card would turn into a keep sake for sure!  It’s another Etsy artist who has found the perfect product to satisfy our need to send a thoughtful card, but to remember we are trying to minimize our impact to trees.  The designer is a graphic artist and the prints are amazing.  Check out her hip, new-age designs, from the ‘thank you card’ to the ‘multi occasion’ card.

With my husband’s nieces and nephews starting down the road to marriage and babies – I’ll be purchasing my REUSEM cards to remember these fun occasions and with the shipping cost being $.50, it’s cheaper than the cost of gas to drive to the store. 😀


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