Safe & All Natural Nail Polish – Piggy Paint!

Think of two little girls shrieking with excitement “paint my piggies mommy!” ~ and it’s a request I can now accommodate thanks to non-toxic, all natural Piggy Paint™ Nail Polish.  There’s no going back now, my little girls have experienced having their toe nails painted and love it!  And I have peace of mind while participating in this mother/daughter ritual without worrying about the chemicals or a head-ache normally associated with using traditional nail polish. 

Piggy Paint’s slogan is almost as awesome as the product!  “Natural As Mud” and it is!  This nail polish is totally biodegradable, almost odorless (I have a very sensitive nose), non-toxic, and safe for children.  I know a lot of people worry about formaldehyde and chemicals in traditional nail polish and have stayed away from painting their children’s ‘piggies’.  Well now the coast is clear because Melanie Hurley, mother of two girls, designed this product after watching an accidental spill of traditional solvent-based nail polish eat through a foam plate.  Melanie has helped parents and children enjoy this fun activity again by creating completely natural, environmentally friendly, nail polish and polish remover.  It is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone.  This product is made in the US and she is proud to put her ingredients on the bottle (this is not the case for all natural nail polishes). 

And don’t forget the all natural nail polish remover!  Melanie designed Piggy Paint™ Nail Polish Remover and even added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help protect your little one’s nails and cuticles.  Both the nail polish and the nail polish remover’s ingredients are listed on the Piggy Paint™ site.  Melanie has also listed wonderful directions for maximizing your use of the Piggy Paint™ and suggestions for how to keep your child amused while the application process is in action.  I know personally, my normally crazy two year olds did not move when I applied their Piggy Paint™.  Normally you can’t get them to stay still, but the enormity of getting their toes painted “just like Grandma” had them completely transfixed!  I only applied one coat and actually loved the fact it started evaporating after a week’s time (it is organic).  The girls couldn’t wait to go through the process over again.  I can’t think of a better birthday gift or Valentine’s present for the 2+ girl’s crowd.

One more product I can cross off my list that I know is safe for my kids.  Trust another mom to come up with a product and business that is something we need, a fun activity for kids, and gentle on the environment. Click here to find on-line retailers that sell Piggy Paint™.


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