Safe, Fun, & Easy Pumpkin Crafts For Kids

Are you like me and couldn’t wait to buy/pick pumpkins in late September?  My family was at the opening weekend for our local pumpkin patch and just couldn’t walk away empty handed, even though it was still September.  I knew the pumpkins will last because of a great non-carvable pumpkin craft I found years ago.   We’ve been painting our pumpkins into little ghosts for a few years…and it’s the biggest hit with my kids.  Also, because the pumpkins aren’t being cut, they can last the many weeks leading up to Halloween.  The below image is the picture from a magazine I saw while waiting in a Doctor’s office and knew instantly that my boys would love it!  Aren’t the pumpkins just the cutest?  Read on for easy instructions to re-create this craft.


Take light blue paint (we are still using up wall paint purchased 4 years ago to decorate a room) and cover the pumpkin.  Make sure the pumpkin is clean and dry before applying the paint.  You might want to do 2 coats, but it’s not necessary.  When pumpkin is dry, take a permanent marker and color eyes.  Keep pumpkin off the ground because they will rot early.  Mount them proudly for everyone to see.

Another craft that has become a tradition at our house is the lollipop graveyard.  It is a great activity if you want to bring a treat for a school Halloween party or do a count-down to Halloween.  It also doesn’t involve carving but still involves lots of fun for kids.  I actually think the ‘ghosts’ stay in place better if the pumpkin remains whole (no scooping out pumpkin seeds).  I don’t have a picture of the finished craft, but it’s easy to imagine.

Lollipop Graveyard

First you create 20 odd lollipop ghosts (change number to amount of children in your class if bringing for a school Halloween party).  To do this, cut paper towels or tissue in a 6 or 8 inch square.  Cut white yarn or ribbon approx. 4 inches long. Place the lollipop in the center of the tissue paper and wrap the tissue around the lollipop.  Tie the yarn or ribbon around the base of lollipop and draw 2 eyes and mouth on the tissue paper with a thick marker.  Repeat for as many ghosts as you want in the graveyard. 

Pick a medium sized pumpkin, take a nail and poke holes into your pumpkin for the same number of lollipop ghosts you have.  Stick the lollipops into the holes and complete with a little sign saying “Family name or school graveyard”,  You’ve made a great decoration or given wonderful presentation for bringing a treat to a party or Halloween celebration.  If you are looking for amazing tasting lollipops that are 100% organic and safe to bring to a classroom that might have children with allergies, try YummyEarth organic fruit lollipops. They would be the perfect compliment to this fun craft! Here is an example of the lollipop ghosts:


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5 Responses to Safe, Fun, & Easy Pumpkin Crafts For Kids

  1. JoAnne - Easy Pumpkin Painting October 12, 2008 at 9:33 pm #

    Couldn’t agree more about Pumpkin Painting. My kids were painting pumpkins when they were three years old. No knives, no mess (okay, very little mess), and their own creation. Nice to have a pumpkin that takes on their own personality, not the personality that Dad carves into it! Cute pumpkins in that photo.

  2. bobbi October 13, 2008 at 2:00 am #

    like the site, got some good info here.

  3. EB October 13, 2008 at 10:48 am #

    Nice ideas! I love the lollipop ghost graveyard.


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