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Everyone knows a cool mom that crafts and makes snacks or meals that dazzle the mind. Well I know a mom of two young boys that puts extra effort into all these areas and the bonus is she loves to share them! I’ve asked her to pop-in and share the successful recipes or crafts that are hits with her boys and her first post is awesome. Without further a-due – here’s Rhonda!

froggy apple

We all know how important it is to eat fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. This is especially true for the cold and flu season throughout the winter months because they are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. This is when you need to become creative with that same boring apple that your child has everyday. We all like to have some variety in our diet and it is not always easy to get a youngster try new things, so why not make it fun? I am always looking for fun ways to introduce new foods and make the same old ones more exciting for my two boys. I know they are not always receptive, so I try to involve them in the fun. Most children love to help out not only in the shopping experience itself but in the kitchen as well. This is one of my favorite healthy snack ideas that I found on Family Fun Magazine.

Cut a green apple into quarters and remove the core. Cut a thin wedge from one quarter for a mouth. For the eyes shape cream cheese into two half inch balls and set them in place. Insert a chocolate chip point side in, into each cream cheese ball. Use green grapes, cut in half, for the legs and feet. Slice four halves to create toes. Arrange as shown. I used lettuce leaves for lily pads but you could cut out paper lily pads for the full effect. Hope your children enjoy them as much as mine do! *Pesticides are used on most produce (especially apples), so whenever possible buy organic! It tastes better too!

Eat Healthy and be Crafty, Rhonda Berggren

lots of froggies

Pictures were taken by Rhonda so you can see just how easy and fun this snack can be!


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