Organic, Safe, Non-Plastic Teething Toy!

After looking back at my BPA articles regarding baby products and the alternative solutions suggested by the experts, (glass bottles, stainless steel bottles, BPA free soothers, etc.) there is one product I wondered if they could ever replace…. teething toys.  How are earth do you replace all the plastic there?  Most baby shower gifts I received were complimented by one of these plastic toys that could be played with or mouthed.  I just found Organic Veggies and Fruit Safe Non-toxic Teething Toys for Baby that is so adorable!  Not only does this toy exist to help with the aches of teething, but it introduces children to the world of fruits and veggies at the perfect age.

These wonderful fruit and veggie characters are made with 100% organic cotton and are machine washable.  They are an amazing price point and if you’ve seen the basket of veggies this line carries…what an adorable shower gift?  Even just one item to accompany a gift for a newborn or 1 year old would be awesome!  What better message to send a baby or toddler to set them on a course to organic nutrition?!  <smile>


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