Mommy Eco-Tee

Next to the elusive bathing suit that could magically transform a post-mommy body back into something firm, I would say the next hardest-to-find garment for myself would be a comfortable and stylish t-shirt. I never would have thought a t-shirt with a great-fit could be so hard to source. I won’t despair because I’ve recently found an artist that has stolen the show with her handmade artwork, using vintage and upcycled materials, with t-shirt designs that look wonderful! The majority of Alison Tauber’s clothing is organic cotton, produced with water-based inks. This last point is really why I can’t go to the mall without having anxiety of some sort. You just can’t find stores that are selling products made with this sort of dedication to craft and environment. Trying to find comfort, affordable clothing, made with an eco-conscious is next to impossible unless you head on-line. I’m looking forward to trying out some of Alison’s designs.  The t-shirts are very affordable and her vision of nature will bring a smile to your face. Check out these incredible designs, pictures courtesy of her site:

And you don’t want to get me started on Alison’s pillows. The tree design was enough to make me shriek, but the snail put me over the edge.  I’ll be sending Alison, the designer, and email off-line because I’m secretly begging for a snail t-shirt. Between the butterfly, tree, and snail I’ll be the best dressed mom through the eyes of my children that adore nature.  Thanks Alison for these unique creations and for making them eco and affordable. Can’t wait to report on the verdict of whether they are fit the bill for being ‘curve’ friendly.


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  1. Annemarie March 14, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    Oooh, let me know b/c they’re lovely & if they are curve-friendly I’d love to get some for the summer.

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