Laptop Lunchbox Contest Ends. 3-Tier Carrier Contest Begins!

The winner of the Laptop Lunchbox contest has closed and the winner has been contacted.  Thanks again to Green Hands Fundraising for supplying the prize. We have another awesome back-to-work / back-to-school product waiting in the wings.  Let the next contest begin!

Our friends over at Healthy Kitchenware have supplied Mommy Footprint with a 3-tier stainless steel carrier for our new contest.  This is another company founded to  assist consumers looking to purchase safe products for food storage.  Their mission statement says it all:  “To empower you to take charge of your health by providing cookware and storage containers made of materials that do not leach chemicals into food or drink.”  Here is a picture of the prize from the Healthy Kitchenware site:

To enter the contest, select the link below, and complete the form. In order to help ’spread the love’ please include a friend’s name and email address and they’ll be eligible to be entered into the contest too! Your friend will need to subscribe to the Mommy Footprint site to become eligible, but the sender of the form will automatically be eligible to win.

Only US and Canadian residents eligible. Contest will close September 15th.  To read an article about the featured prize, read Back-To-School In Tiers – But Ready For Lunch!


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