I Do Believe In Mermaids

It’s true that parents become completely engaged in the imaginative world their children create. My favorite memory with my twin girls is an afternoon spent on the beach making sand castles telling them stories of the mermaids.  I told them when the tide came up and lifted the sand castles away, it would be a wonderful gift for the mermaids to enjoy.  My girls sat totally engrossed in the story and begin to feverishly decorate the castles with any shells, sea weed, or grass they could find with such wonderfully pure and beautiful expressions in their eyes and smiles.  And at 2 years old, I knew they were not imagining commercially produced Ariel mermaids. 

When Christmas approached I knew a mermaid gift needed to be on the list for my girls, but I could only source the mermaid Groovy Girls and mermaid Barbies.  My quest lead me to the place where I am never disappointed, as the creativity of Etsy owners is abundant ~ Etsy!  Want to see what I turned up that is practical, functional, beautiful, imaginative, and guaranteed to make girls of all ages gasp?

Ummm yes.  It’s a pink and red mermaid tail beach towel. It simply ties around your ‘mermaid’s’ waist to start hours of imaginative play or you can lay it next to the pool or beach for use.  And just in case you didn’t notice it from the picture, the little girl’s doll also is sporting a mermaid tail.  The talented Etsy artist of Tiny Green Apples, decided to make mermaid tails for American Girl dolls.  You can’t leave out her best friend right?  I love these mermaid tails because of where they’ll lead a little girl’s imagination.  

Here is a close-up of the doll mermaid tail.  Thank goodness it’s March and I can talk about beach towels and sand castles without sounding crazy ~ I’ve been sitting on this little gem for simply too long.


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  1. Lucia March 6, 2009 at 2:52 am #

    Hi Suzanne! Saw your comment on the Yoyomama FB and checked out your blog. Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know I like the content you have on here! I love the mermaids too!


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