Healthy, Organic and Convenient!

When I think of organic cooking or baking my thoughts drift to a Martha Stuart type that bakes everything from scratch and doesn’t use pre-mixed, convenient products to assist her. Well thanks to SPUD, I’ve been able to tap into the best little helper for breakfast, plus it’s healthy and convenient.  My picky little clan has been using an organic, 7 grain pancake mix for months, and it’s their new favorite.  I love it because I’m not serving up refined, white flour produced pancake mix and my kids didn’t even notice when I made the switch.  The brand is called Anita’s Organic and is local to BC, but accessible for anyone either through SPUD or via the Anita’s Organic site.  More importantly to me, they’ve found a way to produce an organic mix, made with a large mixture of grains, and kept it kid-friendly, and convenient for moms. I make 1 batch and it lasts me two days, making an already rushed morning of trying to feed kids quickly and healthy, a snap!

For those that like to whip up pancakes from scratch (I’m in awe of you), Anita’s has organic flour that can be used to help make your from scratch mixes more healthy.  And hello!! I just noticed in the Anita blog, they’ve cooked up some special mixes just in time for the holidays (additive, preservative, pesticide free) new shortbread and gingerbread mixes! Although the cookie mix wasn’t well received at my house I’ll be trying the gingerbread mix so that we can do some stress-free Christmas baking and gingerbread decorating.

anita pancake


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  1. Michelle November 5, 2009 at 10:21 am #

    There are many more organic grocery delivery service providers in the Vancouver area than SPUD.
    Personally, I use Green Earth Organics because I love their personal touch.

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