‘Greening’ The Easter Bunny

Looking for a last minute Easter activity that is a little ‘greener’ than traditional egg hunts?  If the idea of stuffing plastic eggs with tiny plastic trinkets or giving out massive boxes of chocolate wrapped in plastic has you cringing, you’ll enjoy this idea. 

Gather the left over plastic eggs from last year and create an easy egg hunt that will leave a large imprint in your child’s memory this Easter.  Within each plastic egg, leave a trail of clues leading to one sustainable special gift at the end.  We’ve done this for years and my boys LOVE it.  When they wake up in the morning, they find a plastic egg in their room.  Inside the first egg is a picture of the sofa, or fridge, or dishwasher, etc. that I’ve taken with our digital camera, downloaded, then printed a small picture of.  I put these pictures inside the eggs and once they proceed to the item in the picture they find another egg with again, a picture of something else in our house.  I take pictures of toys, furniture, any nook or cranny in house.  The older my kids get the more difficult you can angle the picture for them to guess where to go next.  At the very end of the hunt (I do maybe 12-15 eggs with clues) there is one special gift and it’s not chocolate.  Last year they got a DVD and this year it wil be headlamps so they can go exploring around the house in the dark to practice for camping or cave exploring this summer.  They’ll love this idea and they are a great price point for under $20.

When I was little I remember having egg hunts similar to what I described above, but the pictures were hand drawn.  If you are short on time (Easter is tomorrow) just sketch out some objects in your house and send your children on a scavenger hunt.  With or without a present at the end ~ they’ll love it.  Another idea I’ve read about is filling up plastic eggs with individual puzzle pieces so at the end of the egg hunt the child has a new puzzle to complete.  There are so many great ideas and this one I’ll be doing my children’s entire lives because they talk about it all year in anticipation.  This is a great way to ‘recycle’ your plastic eggs each year and show your kids even the Easter Bunny got a little greener this year.

Happy Easter everyone.


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