Greener Halloween Round-Up!

Having a spooky, fun Halloween doesn’t always have to include plastic and chemicals. With my own awareness being focused on reducing genetically modified food with my family – you need to look no further than traditional Halloween candy. The GMO giants that support and manufacture modified food are the leaders of many chocolate, chip, and convenience brands: PepsiCo Inc.and Nestle are two that come to mind. So an area that takes a little more $$ to make sustainable this Halloween is candy. Purchasing organic lollie pops in bulk seem to be the more budget friendly option – but there are many options for a more happy ingredient list this October. Looking for the GMO-free or USDA Organic stamp on candy is the easiest way to know it’s high quality.

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One of my all time favorite Halloween crafts has to be stamping bagasse plates with a rubber stamp and beet juice. It’s an eco-friendly way to make a highly compostable plate keep all of it’s sustainability when you decorate it. There are no toxic dyes leaching onto food or into the soil with this fun decorating tip and the kids loved it!  Read the complete article here or be inspired by the below image of the plates we stamped:


Decorating pumpkins is always a fun way to dress up your house for Halloween! We always opted out of carving to paint ghost pumpkins . The kids loved it, the pumpkins lasted longer, and we didn’t have to worry about 4 children wielding knives at the same time. =0  But this year the kids all wanted to carve pumpkins so we let our older children have full artistic expression and they loved carving traditional pumpkin expressions. I got some inspiration from Pinterest for my younger kids and look at the Cookie Monster design my 6 year old made!  We’ve had left over house paint in the garage and it was perfect for painting the exterior of the pumpkin (daughter painted herself) and the carving and paper eyes were great for a younger child with some mama help! To read the full article on painting ghost pumpkins click here.


For party activities I always say the more disgusting and imaginative – the better. Kids like to tap into your imagination and it’s also a good time to empty out your fridge. Think outside the box and make some specimen jars. The more gory, gooey and artificially coloured the better – these make great decorations or party crafts for guests to take home in mason jars. Full article here.

With Halloween costumes I encourage kids to either go 2nd hand or create their own. If you think about reducing single waste items – costumes are really wasteful. Most are made from plastic or polyester so getting into the concept of re-using is really important. When you ask adults or older children their favorite costumes growing up, they will never tell you the costume that is generic and commercial. . . they will tell you about the most creative costume they wore. Fun ideas with a cardboard box or picking a character and making the costume. With having picked up witches costumes at a 2nd hand store last year, my daughters are excited to dress-up – I need to figure out a home-made green face paint or try using vegetable based craft paints I already have. One of my sons also requires stubble for a lumberjack costume but I think a few coffee grounds will do the trick. They get to have a dress rehearsal of getting dressed this weekend when we attend The Great Big Boo musical. We are excited that Halloween will be celebrated a few nights this year!



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