Greener Halloween Decor

Thinking of Halloween decorating makes you instantly think of plastic – I know that was the situation here until a few years ago we acquired an amazingly sustainable outdoor lawn decoration that is larger than any of the front yard blowup decorations I’ve seen. Decorating for a holiday and connecting to memories is a special thing. I first fell in love with our local pumpkin patch when my first child was born – just seeing the sea of pumpkins and adorable wooden characters that are sprinkled around the patch made me feel like magic lived there. We’ve been every year with all the kids and after a couple of years I finally asked the owner for the name of the carpenter that made the big wooden pumpkins, characters, etc. She gave me Randy’s phone number and the rest is history.

Created with a huge sheet of wood, with hinges so it folds to be put away, I love my huge pumpkin that was made for my front lawn. It’s like I got to take a piece of the pumpkin patch home with me and seeing the decoration every day just makes me happy. It’s also a much more sustainable decoration in my mind because at the end of it’s life I will chop it up and compost the wood. The pumpkin also served as a bean bag toss game at our annual Halloween parties but the fact it was made by a local artist is the best part for me. I’m sharing this because you can easily call your favorite farm or pumpkin patch this time of year and ask the same questions I did.

I saw another very earth friendly decorating option on Pinterest and if I had a truck to transport this bale of hay – this would be on my lawn too!  I think it’s hilarious and think of the fun your kids would have sticking the shoes into the hay bale. This is a great decoration for high impact outdoor decorating and can be composted or donated to a farm after Halloween is over. You can also setup a Halloween game with the bale of hay by hiding candy inside and have the kids dive in to look for it!  Bales of hay sitting in farmers fields make me incredibly happy too – this decoration will eventually find it’s way to my home. I love how easy it is to dispose of it after the holiday has ended!

Photo credit: Global News

If you are adding to your seasonal decorations this year, try to use parts of nature that will eventually leave the earth: leaves, pumpkins, hay, wood, pine cones, etc. I’ve got some incredible crafts lines up that are made using nature. It just feels better to use something like leaves or baby pine cones to craft with rather than glitter and plastic! Teach your children the legacy of selecting a product or decoration. We’ll have some indoor decor tips coming up next!

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  1. Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama October 14, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    Love the Halloween beanbag toss idea!

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