Good-Bye Summer

Today is the last day of summer.  The first day of school symbolizes the beginning of Fall, back-to-school clothes (this year that includes a uniform), a slight chill in the air, and kids either excited to begin their journey back to the classroom or nervous to return to school.  I luckily have a first born that loves school.  He actually requested at the age of 2.5 that he start school and has never looked back.  He requires and thrives on constant stimulization so school is a wonderful place for him. 

This year, however, is different – he’s starting Grade 1 and that means full-time days.  Francesco can’t wait, but I feel grief, like a magical chapter in my life is coming to a close and I’m simply not ready. My days at the aquarium, parks, farm, pumpkin patch, or just hanging out at our craft table, just won’t be the same without my Francesco.  I will miss the enthusiasm of a child that has asked me every day for the past several years “what are we doing today mom?”  Was always ready for an adventure and to go somewhere new.  I know he’s not heading off to University, but I feel like this is a pivotal corner that I’m not ready for him to turn. I haven’t yet managed to think or talk about this first day back at school without tearing up or getting a lump in my throat.  So hopefully I won’t cause him embarrassment tomorrow. <smile>

I’ll simply miss having him with me for the majority of the day.  It’s been an honour to hang out and spend a large amount of quality time over the last 6 years.  I know there are many parents who are feeling this way, so good luck with sending your kids back-to-school, I think it’s harder for the parents than the kids. And for new parents that have heard this advice a million times already, but it’s worth repeating, enjoy every day with your kids.  Time will go by way too fast and even on the days where the walls are closing in – find a way to enjoy quality time and power through with fun and creativity.  There will come a day, when your children will venture out into the world, not needing your hand to hold.  Enjoy the moments and the years that your hand is the most important thing in their life. 

My beautiful boy.

My beautiful boy.


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