Fun Activities To Do With Kids This Summer

This summer with my clan is really flying by.  We are having a blast staying local and just trying to spend as much time in nature, with friends, and staying cool. I’m actually looking forward to some lazy days to try some awesome crafts I’ve seen in an old OWL book. I also came across these great activities from a Canadian Living article with their top 30 summer activities ideas. The following really appealed to me and I’m adding them to my to-do list when things hit a lull at home. To check out all 30 ideas, visit the article: 30 fun things to do with your kids this summer. Here are my favorite picks – activities I want to try and others I’ve done with my kids that have been a success!

Activities To-Do:

♥  With an insect book in hand, discover the creatures living in your garden, and learn about their benefits together.

♥  Make and decorate papier-mâché face masks with your kids. They can reflect your child’s personality or be completely whimsical. For an easy papier-mâché recipe, check out

♥  Go on a treasure hunt. Select items together from in and around your home, such as small plastic toys, coins and decorative rocks. Hide the objects in the backyard and have your kids play pirate and hunt them all down. Better still, bury them in the soil or garden beds. Your kids will have hours of fun digging them up – and putting the yard back together again.  (I’ve done this with our preschool and written an article about it. Boy – what a special activity that day!)

♥  Hold a home spa day. Have fun painting each other’s nails bright colours and using funky temporary hair colour to try out new shades for a day or two. (I can’t wait to source some non-toxic nail polish for my girls and try painting their toes for the 1st time!)

♥  Think outside the cardboard box. Your child will love making a fort, car or spaceship in your living room or backyard. (It’s so true. Kids really love nothing more than cutting up and decorating an old appliance box.)

Here are a few ideas from this site that we’ve already done. These things were all huge hits with my clan…try a few!

♥  Plant veggies (cucumbers, peas, tomatoes) or herbs in your garden or a large pot. Your kids can help tend to them, water them, watch them grow and then eat them when they’re ripe.

♥  Build and decorate a birdhouse together, and learn about the birds that will use it in your backyard.

♥  Take a trip to your local farmer’s market and teach your children about local fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget to try new fare.

♥  Set your kids up with a bucket of water and paintbrushes and let them “paint” the fence, an outside wall of your house or the garden furniture. (I learned this one at our preschool…toddlers LOVE it!)

♥  Try a scavenger hunt. It can be as simple as writing up clues and having your kids look for them one by one in the backyard, or you can go farther afield and design a trek that takes the family all about the neighbourhood. (We’ve done this inside and the older kids LOVE it!)

♥  Write a short novel with your teen, taking turns writing a chapter. (Francesco wrote and illustrated a short book and really enjoyed the entire process.)

♥  Organize an outdoor party. Cool off with water games, such as running through the sprinkler and water balloon fights, and ask other parents to help out with cool treats and fruit snacks. TIP: For young children, schedule the time for when they are well rested, and keep it short: a half hour to an hour, max! (We hosted this last summer and the kids are still talking about it. We’ve got the next party on our to-do list for August.)

Source: Canadian Living


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