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I can’t think of a better feature than Früv Freedomwear with Canada Day just behind us and our continued focus on companies that are supporting the local clothing movement. One of the coolest things about Früv Freedomwear is their uber local focus with producing great quality yoga wear. If you start asking questions like “where is this manufactured” with yoga brands, you’ll discover manufacturing close to home is actually very unique. Manufacturing locally has been Früv Freedomwear’s motto since Day 1 and you can see a difference in clothing quality and the hip styles are a sweet added bonus! I love being able to share this company with Mommy Footprint readers.

Since I wrote about the factory building collapse in Bangladesh, I really put a lot more thought into my own clothing choices. It’s sort of to the point where I suffer from consumer paralysis if I simply head over to the local mall to shop. There are too many questions, too much research, and it really takes the enjoyment out of selecting new clothing options (which is supposed to be fun) so I desperately need brands that have great answers to my questions. I love it that this company started manufacturing their clothing in Vancouver and have maintained this local focus over the years. Too many times a company starts manufacturing close to home but has to outsource the labour & materials because the profit margin just isn’t there. Don’t fall for buzz words “designed in x”, etc. with clothing brands – we are much smarter consumers than that. I also love that Früv is available to purchase online and their sizing table is great for figuring out sizes.

I see companies like Früv Freedomwear as that local, small business that is doing things right, and hopefully being rewarded with our consumer dollars. Busy mamas – need a great item for summer? I haven’t taken off the Brazil shorts Früv sent me since they arrived. They feel amazing and help flatten places that need a smooth fitted front. The material is classically ‘Früv’ and with the different styles they offer with tanks and shorts, I think any of the lengths and styles would be a well deserved treat for busy moms on the go during summer months. These clothes are not just for the yogis!

I’ve also been asked by readers for more sustainable choices in under garments and I can’t wait to check out the Früv Athena Bra for support with starting to exercise more and needed that breathable, sport bra style. There is a reason that yoga gear is so popular with moms. It’s not because we are taking the time to participate in hot yoga classes throughout the day <grin>. We desperately love stylish, comfortable, and cute clothing that enables us to get things done rather than hamper us with discomfort throughout the day. This is what Früv Freedomwear does. And the prices are equal or less than competitors that aren’t manufacturing close to home. What’s not to love?






This is a great time to connect with Früv Freedomwear and support them with a follow on Facebook. We are proud of this Canadian company and think you’ll love what they stand for and how cute you’ll feel in their clothing with a great back-story on design and manufacturing practices.


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