Favorite Kids Music and CDs

Do late afternoon lulls have you and your kids climbing the walls?  The witching hour usually starts at 3:00 and goes until dinner is ready – right?  The best way to avoid a melt down is to head outside or throw on an awesome, danceable, CD and rock out with the kids.  I normally enjoy picking out single MP3s, but these two CDs are worth getting because all the songs are awesome!

Our all time favorite is the Happy Feet Soundtrack. This CD is loaded with awesome music!  We have been listening to this CD for over a year…it never gets old. At 1 years old the girls would do their ‘happy feet’ pretending to tap dance.  It so easy for parents to enjoy the songs because it features great artists like Prince and Pink.  The songs are classics, but kids find them catchy to dance and sing to.  A few highlights from this CD are:

♥  My Way – Robin Williams (this is the BEST song Francesco and I have ever      danced to!! It makes you want to move your hips!!)
♥  Tell Me Something Good – Pink
♥  Boogie Wonderland – Brittany Murphy
♥  Heartbreak Hotel – Nicole Kidman


I could go on and on listing favorite songs…check it out.  You won’t regret purchasing this CD!

The other soundtrack is from the movie Barnyard.  OMG there is nothing more funny then watching my twin 2 year old girls rock out to Shaggy. I had no idea they were fans until we bought the DVD and discovered this untapped source for great music. You know, sometimes Paramount Pictures or Warner just knock a soundtrack out of the park. Well, this is one of those movie sountracks. Our favorites from this CD are:

♥  Hittin The Hay – North Mississippi Allstars
♥  Wild and Free – Rednex
♥  Boombastic – Shaggy
♥  Father, Son – Peter Gabriel (warning it’s a tear jerker)



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